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For those of you who may think that a nuclear war will probably not happen, please try to keep an open mind and check out all of our information before you decide.

Before we continue with the news, I will give you a few important links to check out that made me a believer and some information about them to help you understand why I created this website.

First,.... Do you remember when after the 9/11 event occurred, people were showing that you could fold the $20 bill (USD) and see the towers hit in the exact same areas as they really happened and if you folded the $5 bill (USD) a specific way, you could see where the pentagon was hit the same way it really happened? Well, the new $100 & $10 bill (USD) came out just a few years ago and there are two ways you can fold it to see a NUCLEAR EVENT! Now in the video (seen in link below), Jonathan Kleck states that in the main picture of the event ($100 bill) that "tidal waves" are coming over the building as the windows of the buildings are being shattered. However, in my opinion, I believe that the "waves" are actually a debris cloud from the nuclear blast which explains the windows shattering. On the second folding ($10 bill), it shows the lower portion of a nuclear missile going into water.

Here is the link ----> (click here)

Still not convinced enough? Ok, no problem. Then check out the next link below that was posted by Alex Jones from in 2011! The video is called Strategic Relocation. In the video, Joel Skousen states that there will be a "controlled" nuclear war between the USA, Russia and China. Now I know that many of you may be saying, "There is no way China will nuke us because we owe them so much money!" But look at it this way folks,..... if you get $100,000 from a loan shark and can't pay him back on time,.... what happens?
He gives you presents! Yep, he sure does. You get a brand new jacket that ties your arms around your back and brand new boots covered in concrete and even a nice trip to the bottom of the ocean without scuba gear! Get the picture yet? The time is coming to pay China and we can't. But I'm not picking on China, don't get me wrong here. China is not alone, Russia has recently reassured their ties with China and when Russia decides to press all the buttons, China will back them up and we get our presents!

However, I did say that it will be a "controlled nuclear war". This means it won't be a full blown nuclear war where the entire USA will get bombed. Only specific areas will get hit, mainly large cities and cities close to large bodies of water.

I will give you a link where you can see a small 2 minute 14 second trailer ------> (click here)

The Full Version (more recent update) -----------------------------------------------------> (click here)

Extra IMPORTANT info -------------------------------------------------------------------------> (click here)

More info --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> (click here)

Keep in mind folks, that some of the videos above were made and posted 1 to 3 years before the problems with Russia this year! Now look at what's happening today. Sounds familiar doesn't it?


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News For November 21, 2014


Russian War Games Spill Secrets, Spur Neighbors; 'Scared the Hell Out of NATO'

Russian jets probing NATO airspace and supersized war drills are spilling Kremlin military secrets and scaring European nations into stiffening their armed forces.

The alliance said by late October it intercepted more than 100 Russian planes this year, more than three times the number in 2013. A report by the European Leadership Network, a London security research group, termed the incidents "a highly disturbing picture of violations of national airspace, emergency scrambles" and "narrowly avoided mid-air collisions."

Yet there are benefits for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

"Clearly, every time we come into contact with Russian forces and every time we see their tactics and how they deploy, we do learn about them," U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, the 28-member NATO's top military commander, said in Tallinn on Nov. 19. "They are just happening more often and occasionally, the size of the activities is larger."

A worsening standoff is pitting Europe and the U.S. against Russia over Ukraine in the biggest crisis since the Cold War's end 25 years ago. Even German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier -- a persistent proponent of dialog -- said on Nov. 18 after shuttle diplomacy in Kiev and Moscow, that he sees little reason for optimism.

"The rapid mobilization of 20,000 to 40,000 Russian troops at the Ukrainian border scared the hell out of NATO," Karl-Heinz Kamp, academic director at the German government's Federal Academy for Security Policy in Berlin, said by phone.

‘To Subjugate'

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the U.S. wants "not to humiliate, but to subjugate" Russia, in remarks at a Nov. 18 meeting of his People's Front party supporters in Moscow.

"We had such brilliant politicians like Nikita Khrushchev, who hammered the desk with his shoe at the United Nations," Putin said in an Oct. 24 speech. "And the whole world, primarily the United States, and NATO thought: this Nikita is best left alone, he might just go and fire a missile."

Monitoring drills and Russian aircraft flying along NATO or Finnish and Swedish airspace is yielding intelligence on command and control, communications and tactics, said Lukasz Kulesa, research director of the ELN in London and former deputy head of Poland's National Security Bureau that advises the Polish president. Non-NATO members Finland and Sweden upgraded their alliance ties in September.

‘Complex Deployments'

"A Russian mission that sent planes on the same day to the Baltic, the North Sea and the Black Sea tells us what Russian capabilities have become," Kulesa said by phone. "It gives us a much better understanding of Russian readiness and their ability to perform more complex deployments."

After suffering initial setbacks in the 2008 Georgia War, Russia has continued investing in its armed forces. The Kremlin increased military spending by 50 percent since 2005 while NATO has cut spending by 20 percent, according to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

NATO, at its Sept. 4-5 Wales summit, shored up its eastern defenses against Russia as the U.S., which makes up two-thirds of alliance military spending, urged European allies to pay more. The alliance agreed to rotate more troops through eastern Europe and to set up a 5,000-soldier rapid-reaction force.

The Baltic states are bolstering their armed forces with Estonia vowing more troops on its border with Russia after a security officer was snatched and taken to Moscow.

NATO Target

Estonia, which already meets NATO's military spending target of 2 percent of gross domestic product, plans to raise spending to 2.05 percent next year. Latvia and Lithuania -- both now spending less than 1 percent -- aim to reach the goal by 2020.

Alliance states including Denmark, Poland and Germany also plan to increase defense spending, though in the case of Germany only from 2016. Germany spends about 1.3 percent of gross domestic product on the military.

Denmark is poised to spend more than $4 billion in its biggest air defense upgrade on either Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT)'s F-35, Boeing Co. (BA)'s F-18 Super Hornet or Typhoon fighters, built by the Eurofighter consortium of BAE Systems Plc (BA/), Airbus Group NV (AIR) and Italy's Finmeccanica SpA. (FNC)

Poland, which shares borders with both Russia and Ukraine, will choose suppliers for helicopters and an air-defense system within a year as it begins a $27 billion program to overhaul the military and replace Soviet-era military equipment, Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak said in an Oct. 24 interview. It's also bringing forward purchases of attack helicopters, drones and missiles for Lockheed F-16 jets.

‘Wake-Up Call'

Charly Salonius-Pasternak, a security expert at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs in Helsinki, termed Russia's moves "quite a wake-up call" that makes it impossible for Finnish or Swedish politicians "who want to be taken seriously" to dismiss Russia's buildup as low-level rearming.

"Russia's armed forces can do things that they couldn't do 10 years ago," he said in an interview. "Russia has a much better ability to transport large units, long distances and have them arrive combat ready."

That's triggered a debate in both Finland and Sweden on whether to join NATO.

Putin, whose military has taken control of or hold territory that under international law belongs to Moldova and Georgia as well as annexing Ukraine's Crimea in March, noted in his Oct. 24 Valdai speech that when Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck first appeared in the European arena in the 19th century "they found him dangerous because he spoke his mind."

"I also always try to say what I think," Putin said.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo Finance


N. Korea threatens to beef up military capability

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) — North Korea threatened Thursday to bolster its war capability and conduct a fourth nuclear test to cope with what it calls U.S. hostility that led to the approval of a landmark U.N. resolution on its human rights violations.

A U.N. committee on Tuesday adopted the resolution urging the Security Council to refer the North's rights situation to the International Criminal Court. It's the first time a U.N. resolution included the idea that the North's absolute leader Kim Jong Un could be targeted by prosecutors. Before the U.N. vote, a North Korean envoy threatened a nuclear test.

On Thursday, Pyongyang's Foreign Ministry called the resolution's approval a "grave political provocation," saying it was orchestrated by the U.S. though it was drafted by the European Union and Japan.

An unidentified ministry spokesman told state media that the North's war deterrence will be strengthened in an "unlimited manner" to cope with U.S. hostility, which is "compelling us not to refrain from conducting a new nuclear test any longer." His comments on the nuclear test were near identical to what Choe Myong Nam, a foreign ministry adviser for U.N. and human rights issues, said at the U.N.

The North has used similar rhetoric previously when there has been increased tension with other countries.

Analysts say it's unlikely the North will follow through on its threats to conduct a nuclear test because that would invite further international condemnation and derail efforts to attract foreign investment and aid to revive its moribund economy.

China and Russia, which hold veto power on the Security Council, will not let the council refer the North's rights situation to the criminal court, but North Korea also knows the two countries do not want another nuclear test by Pyongyang, said Lim Eul Chul, a North Korea expert at South Korea's Kyungnam University. China and Russia voted against the non-binding resolution, which goes to the General Assembly for a vote in the coming weeks.

North Korea, however, often confounds outside analysts' predictions and doesn't always act according to a set pattern. Two deadly attacks blamed on Pyongyang that killed 50 South Koreans in 2010 were a surprise because they came amid relatively easing tensions with the U.S. and South Korea.

The U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies said Wednesday the North may be restarting a plant that can reprocess nuclear fuel into weapons-grade plutonium for the first time in six years. The finding is based on analysis of recent commercial satellite imagery at the North's main nuclear facility.

North Korea conducted an atomic bomb test in 2006, 2009 and 2013, each time inviting international sanctions. A fourth test would mark another defiant response to U.S.-led international pressure on North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons program, because that could put the country a step closer to the goal of producing warheads small enough to mount on a missile capable of reaching the U.S.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo News


Putin backs deeper ties with North Korea after meeting Kim envoy

MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin called on Wednesday for deeper ties with North Korea to improve regional security, a day after holding talks with a personal envoy of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Senior North Korean officials visit Moscow infrequently but the isolated country is trying to counter a U.N. resolution urging Pyongyang's referral to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

Russia is also one of five countries involved in talks with North Korea on its nuclear program. The others are South Korea, China, the United States and Japan.

The Kremlin gave no details of Putin's meeting on Tuesday with Choe Ryong Hae, a close aide to Kim and a senior official from the ruling Workers' Party who is a seven-day trip to Russia.

But receiving the credentials of North Korea's new ambassador to Russia, Putin said during a televised Kremlin ceremony: "We maintain friendly relations with one of our neighbors, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

"A further deepening of political ties and trade and economic cooperation is definitely in the interests of the peoples of both countries and ensuring regional stability and security," he said.

A Russian Foreign Ministry source told Interfax this week that the visit would include discussion of bilateral ties, economic developments and North Korea's nuclear program but made no mention of the U.N. resolution.

"The subject of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula is constantly present on the agenda of our dialogue with North Korea," the source said. "Moreover, progress in this field is a mandatory condition of lifting the sanctions against the country which naturally impose big limits on our bilateral relations."

On Tuesday, a U.N. Assembly committee dealing with human rights passed a resolution calling for the U.N. Security Council to consider referring North Korea to the International Criminal Court for alleged crimes against humanity.

The vote followed a U.N. Commission of Inquiry report published in February detailing wide-ranging abuses in North Korea, including prison camps, systematic torture, starvation and killings comparable to Nazi-era atrocities.

North Korea has dismissed the U.N. move as part of a U.S.-led plot to destroy its political system.

Diplomats say North Korea ally China would be likely to use its Security Council veto to knock down an ICC referral and that Russia would probably support Beijing's stance.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo News


Putin greets new U.S. envoy with demand not to interfere

MOSCOW (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin greeted the new U.S. ambassador to Russia on Wednesday with a demand for Washington to treat Moscow as an equal partner and stay out of its internal affairs.

The new envoy, John Tefft, said in a written statement after presenting his credentials that he wanted to strengthen "people-to-people" ties but there were serious differences over Ukraine.

Their comments underlined the chasm between the former Cold War enemies as Tefft succeeds Michael McFaul, who was behind President Barack Obama's planned "reset" in relations with Russia and whose posting was marked by controversy and tension.

Putin met Tefft with a slight smile and they then stood stiffly beside each other posing for photographers during a Kremlin ceremony for new ambassadors.

"We are ready for practical cooperation with our American partners in different fields, based on the principles of respect for each others' interests, equal rights and non-interference in internal matters," Putin said in a short speech.

His remarks were blunt though less fierce than some of his earlier criticism of Washington, which he has accused of trying to dominate world affairs and suppress Russia.

The United States and the European Union have imposed sanctions on Moscow following its annexation of the Crimea peninsula from Ukraine and over its backing for separatists in the east opposed to Kiev's rule.

In a statement issued after the ceremony, Tefft said he was committed to maintaining "open and frank lines of communication" with the Russian authorities.

"We have serious differences over Russia’s policy in Ukraine. As President Obama said at the G20 summit in Brisbane, we hope Russia will choose 'a different path', to resolve the issue of Ukraine in a way that respects Ukraine’s sovereignty and is consistent with international law," he said.

"We would prefer a Russia that is fully integrated with the global economy; that is thriving on behalf of its people; that can once again engage with us in cooperative efforts around global challenges.”

Moscow approved the appointment of Tefft even though Russian officials said privately he was not entirely to their liking.

Tefft was the United States' ambassador to Georgia during its short with Russia in 2008 and was the U.S. envoy to Ukraine for nearly four years until July last year. He was deputy chief of mission in Moscow in the second half of the 1990s.

Other strains in ties are differences over regional conflicts such as the civil war in Syria, arms control and human rights issues, and Putin's treatment of opponents.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo News


NSA director: China can damage US power grid

WASHINGTON (AP) — China and "one or two" other countries are capable of mounting cyberattacks that would shut down the electric grid and other critical systems in parts of the United States, according to Adm. Michael Rogers, director of the National Security Agency and head of U.S. Cyber Command.

The possibility of such cyberattacks by U.S. adversaries has been widely known, but never confirmed publicly by the nation's top cyber official.

At a hearing of the House intelligence committee, Rogers said U.S. adversaries are performing electronic "reconnaissance" on a regular basis so that they can be in a position to disrupt the industrial control systems that run everything from chemical facilities to water treatment plants.

"All of that leads me to believe it is only a matter of when, not if, we are going to see something dramatic," he said.

Outside experts say the U.S. Cyber Command also has the capability to hack into and damage critical infrastructure, which in theory should amount to mutual deterrence. But Rogers, who did not address his offensive cyber tools, said the nuclear deterrence model did not necessarily apply to cyber attacks.

Only a handful of countries had nuclear capability during the Cold War, he said, and nuclear attacks could be detected and attributed in time to retaliate.

By contrast, the source of a cyberattack can easily be disguised, and the capability do significant damage is possessed not only by nation states but by criminal groups and individuals, Rogers noted.

In cyberspace, "You can literally do almost anything you want, and there is not a price to pay for it," the NSA director said.

Roger's remarks about critical infrastructure attacks came in response to questioning from Republican Mike Rogers of Michigan, who chairs the intelligence committee. He asked the NSA director about a private report detailing China-based intrusions into the power grid and other critical systems that appeared to be precursors to attack. What other countries, the chairman wanted to know, have the capability?

"One or two others," the NSA director said, but he declined to name them, saying the information is classified. "We're watching multiple nation states invest in this capability."

Rogers said the Obama administration is seeking to establish a set of international principles governing military cyber operations, such as banning attacks on hospitals.

"We need to define what would be offensive, what's an act of war," he said.

The NSA's Rogers also talked about the national security damage from the ongoing theft of intellectual property through cyberattacks.

Michigan's Rogers opened the hearing by saying that "China's economic cyber espionage ... has grown exponentially in terms of volume and damage done to our nation's economic future. The Chinese intelligence services that conduct these attacks have little to fear because we have no practical deterrents to that theft. This problem is not going away until that changes."

China formally denies stealing Western intellectual property through government sponsored hacking.

U.S. networks would be better protected, the NSA's Rogers said, if Congress would pass a long-pending bill to allow companies to share malware signatures and other threat information with one another and with the government and be protected from liability by doing so. But the disclosures of NSA spying by former agency contractor Edward Snowden have made passage of such a bill extremely difficult, lawmakers say.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo News


Tiny Baltic States Prepare to Hit Back at Mighty Russia

Earlier this month, a Russian warship entered Latvia’s exclusive economic zone, some nine nautical miles from the country’s territorial waters. Considering that Russian warships have already approached Latvian waters some 50 times this year, according to figures from Latvia’s Ministry of Defence, it was not an altogether unsurprising visit. Russian military planes, meanwhile, have come close to Latvian airspace some 200 times this year. Latvia’s defence minister Raimonds Vejonis tells Newsweek at his office in Riga, that his country is prepared should its mighty neighbour to the east decide to invade: “We have special plans of action. Working with the Ministry of Interior, we conduct exercises to train our troops and policemen for different scenarios. But of course we need more co-operation with our neighbours and our Nato allies as well.”

Indeed, the Baltic states, long accused of exaggerating Russian threats, now see themselves proven right. “We Estonians didn’t think that the history ended two decades ago”, says Sven Sakkov, Estonia’s undersecretary of defence. “The 2008 war in Georgia was a wakeup call but most of Europe hit the snooze button.” Sakkov calls the current situation in Europe “climate change, not a case of bad weather”, and says Estonia had already responded to the Russian threat by fast-tracking military procurement and ­asking Nato to permanently base both troops and equipment in its soil. Ordinary ­Estonians are responding to the situation, too, with the number of new recruits to the voluntary Defence League doubling this year compared to last year. The Defence League now has 14,545 part-time soldiers, equalling 1% of the country’s population.

Lithuania, for its part, recently launched a high-readiness combat response force comprising some 1,600 troops that can react to hostile actions within 2-24 hours. And Latvia, which is considered particularly vulnerable due to its 26% Russian minority and its strong Russia-leaning party, has requested Nato troops on permanent rotation. (Estonia has 25% ethnic Russians; Lithuania, 6%.) Currently 150 Nato troops are stationed in Latvia and, Vejonis argues, their presence alone constitutes a deterrent. “Who wants to start a war against the US?” he asks. “That’s what Russia would do if it attacked ­Latvia. Putin is not that stupid.” Still, 150 Nato troops could hardly stop an invasion, and though the prospect of one currently seems unlikely, Latvia is beefing up defence spending, which will reach 1% next year and the Nato standard of 2% in 2020. “Russia is showing that it still has geopolitical interests in Latvia and the region, and showing us and Nato how strong they are”, says Vejonis. “The warships they’re sending have the latest technology – OK, it’s Russian technology, but they’re sending the best ships they have.” In a further sign of escalating tensions between the two countries, Nato and Russia have been conducting war games in the region.

In the early 2000s, Sweden did conclude that history had ended and dramatically reduced its impressive Cold War military. “It was decided that threats were so far off in the future that we could take a strategic time-out and focus on developing high-tech defence”, explains Bo Hugemark, a Swedish military historian and retired colonel. In 2009, having decided to end conscription it further cut military levels, to 6,000 full-time and 6,000 part-time troops. “Just focusing on threats facing us rather than the region allowed is to take it easy behind the Baltic-Finnish shield”, notes Hugemark. As a result, the Baltic states’ larger sister is now finding itself short of potentially thousands of soldiers and sailors. “We know how to execute small tasks, not fight a major enemy”, complains one young officer. Though catching an alien submarine is rare, the fact that the suspected Russian sub spotted this autumn managed to escape was an embarrassment to the Swedish military. In an ironic twist, the development of a new anti-submarine grenade launcher system was cancelled in 2007 following budget cuts. Earlier this month, the Swedish military confirmed that a submarine “violated Swedish territorial waters”, a fact Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén called “completely unacceptable”. The Prime Minister has now initiated a security council that will advise him on threats to Sweden.

November 21-2014



Washington state museum pulls firearms from WWII exhibit over new gun law

SEATTLE (Reuters) - A museum in Washington state plans to remove about a dozen borrowed firearms from a World War Two exhibit and return them to their owners to comply with a new gun law that requires background checks for all gun transfers, the institution said on Wednesday.

Washington voters passed legislation earlier this month expanding background checks on all firearms purchases to include sales at guns shows and online, as well for loans and transfers.

The Lynden Pioneer Museum, located about 100 miles north of Seattle and just south of the Canadian border, said that as a result it was pulling all 11 of the World War Two-era guns in its exhibit, "Over the Beach: The WWII Pacific Theater," before the law takes effect.

"The museum will be returning these guns to their owners because as of Dec. 4, we would be in violation of the law if we had loaned firearms that had not undergone the background check procedure," the museum said in a statement.

The exhibit includes vintage weapons and military equipment used during the war, as well as letters, photographs and other memorabilia and artifacts collected from veterans, said Troy Luginbill, the museum's director.

The weapons being returned to their owners include a rare Japanese flare pistol and an anti-tank rifle used in the war, he said.

"The board decided 11 firearms are not worth the chance of getting the museum shut down," Luginbill said. "We aren't trying to make a political statement."

Though the law has limited provisions for antiques and family members, the guns used in the display, on loan from individual collectors, do not qualify for either exemption, he said.

Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson's office said in a statement that there have not been any lawsuits filed against the background check legislation, I-594, nor were there any opinion requests for guidance in the matter.

"Therefore, at this point we have no interpretations of the initiative to offer to the public beyond the text of the measure itself," a spokeswoman for Ferguson said.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo TV


Arsenic in Rice: 11 Facts You Need to Know

We first heard the bad news in 2012. Rice contains arsenic, Consumer Reports proclaimed in a riveting 2012 study. But it left us with a host of questions: Which types of rice have the highest levels of arsenic? Which have the lowest? What about other rice products, such as rice milk and cereals? And what about other grains?

In an update (and video, above) in the January 2015 issue of the magazine, Consumer Reports gives us the answers to each of these questions, and much more—including the recommendation that babies eat no more than one serving of infant rice cereal per day. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Almost all of the different types of rice tested contained measurable levels of arsenic, though levels varied depending on the type of rice. 

2. Brown rice has more arsenic than white rice. Consumer Reports found that “80 percent more inorganic arsenic on average than white rice of the same type,” because “Arsenic accumulates in the grain’s outer layers, which are removed to make white rice.”

3. The level of arsenic in rice varies greatly depending on where the rice is grown. White basmati rice from California, India, and Pakistan, and sushi rice from the United States have much lower arsenic levels than other types, and brown basmati rice from California, India, and Pakistan has about one third less arsenic than brown rice from other areas.

4. Rice has higher arsenic levels than other grains because of the way the rice plant grows, since it absorbs more water than other plants. Arsenic is released into the environment through fertilizers and pesticides, which are then absorbed as the plants grow.

5. Watch out for all forms of rice, including rice milk, puffed rice snacks, and gluten free flours and products. The report ”found that rice cereal and rice pasta can have much more inorganic arsenic—a carcinogen—than our 2012 data showed.” 

6. Arsenic consumption has been linked to a variety of health issues. As the report states, “Regular exposure to small amounts of arsenic can increase the risk of bladder, lung, and skin cancer, as well as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Recent studies also suggest that arsenic exposure in utero may have effects on the baby’s immune system.”

7. Consumer Reports recommends reducing rice consumption. Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD, and manager of wellness nutrition services at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, agrees, telling Yahoo Health, “Arsenic has been found to be a toxic and carcinogenic substance. Of course the amount matters, but until we have more research, limiting rice intake may be an easy thing to do for the majority of the population.” 

8. Children are at a greater risk than adults. Arsenic takes a greater toll on their smaller bodies, and kids are more likely to eat rice snacks and drink rice milk than adults. Consumer Reports recommends that “babies eat no more than one serving of infant rice cereal per day, on average, and that their diets should include cereals made from other grains.”

9. Don’t rely on an “organic” label—rice grown organically was found to have the same arsenic levels as “conventionally” grown rice. While organic rice may contain fewer pesticides, arsenic levels are still high.

10. You can cut your exposure by thoroughly rinsing rice before you cook it, and draining excess water after it’s cooked. Consumer Reports recommends a 6-to-1 water-to-rice ratio, rather than the standard 2-to-1 ratio. Yes, rinsing and draining rice might wash away some vitamins and minerals, but the rinse-and-drain technique will remove about 30 percent of the arsenic.

11. Don’t want to risk it? Reach for alternative grains like amaranth, buckwheat, or millet—all contain negligible amounts of arsenic, as do bulgur, barley, faro, and most types of quinoa. Kirkpatrick sees this as “an opportunity to discover the vast world of other grains that provide wonderful health benefits. While rice, pasta and bread have always dominated our dinner tables, this report may lead individuals to try out other grains that were not found to have high levels.”

Joe's Note : There is also a video in  the link below. Keep your white rice as mentioned above and get rid of your brown rice. Make a note of how to get rid of most of the arsenic in the rice and put it in a plastic zip-lock bag and place it with your rice stock.

November 21, 2014

Yahoo Health


News For November 20, 2014


News Delay For Today

Sorry folks, if its not one thing, its another. Things just keep coming up that need to be done and I will not be able to update early today. So instead, I will try to do some updates tonight after work and some in the morning before I have to go out to pay some bills. There are a few things happening and I promise to get the info on here as soon as possible. Please be patient with me for now.

I will let you all know that you must do your best to keep your eyes and ears open and question things from mainstream media. The reason I am saying this is that I have heard that many websites may get shut down soon, sites like this one,, The Drudge Report, etc., etc. They plan on keeping the real news from the public and do not want people knowing how bad the spread of Ebola is or when they plan on starting martial law, shutting down the power grid, or even the start of the controlled nuclear war.

But please keep checking our website and we will do everything we can to keep on going to get the real news to you as best as we can. One of our reporters, Lory, will help post news in the Forums or on the blog page when she can. Vincent has said that he will try to help out when he can as well, so be sure to check those other two pages along with the news page to see if anyone may have posted more.

Thank you and check back later tonight or tomorrow for new updates. STAY SAFE!

November 20, 2014

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


News For November 18, 2014


Quick Update Info

I will not be updating this page today, but I have added a message on our Blog page about Bug Out Bags. I have had several members ask me about what to put into a bug out bag or B.O.B. as some call it, I can only give a basics list, but ultimately it is up to you as to what you put into your bag.

So please go now to our Blog page and have a look at my blog about Bug Out Bags and what you should put in them for basics.

I will try to update the news page tomorrow.

Thank you all and stay safe!

November 18, 2014

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


News For November 16, 2014

Confusion Setting In

Sorry everyone, I have been very busy lately trying to gather more info on what's happening and where to find supplies for a good price for everyone which I will share in another article below.

I have also been testing a few items, skills and tips as well. Which I strongly suggest that everyone practice what you learn so you will know exactly how to do something and which ways work faster and better. Also, try using some of your survival equipment, not only to make sure that they work, but so you will have experience in using the items.

Things are getting so hectic that it's hard to tell which way to go and what actions to take and thus, confusion starts to set in. We need to get more focused on the situations at hand and decide on the proper actions we need to take to deal with them. I know its hard to do due to everything that's happening these days, but we have to try. Ebola is slowly creeping around in the USA, threats of nuclear war with both Russia and China and to top it off, we are experiencing an arctic blast that is sweeping across the US, covering many areas in snow and ice. Sounds like a bad recipe for a cake! So would you like a slice of nuclear enriched ebola with some icing on top? YUK!

Anyway, there is so much going on and in various directions that its hard to keep an eye on what and where. So we have to continue getting things together and be prepared cause its only going to get worse! For those of you here in the USA, be sure that you cover your windows with some thick plastic inside and out with duct tape, Don't forget to buy some nice thick comforters or down comforters, you can also hang thick sheets or medium thick blankets over doors to help minimize cold drafts from outside or other rooms, block off any rooms that will not be used during the winter. For those who have a wood burning stove or fireplace, we suggest that when it gets very cold, relocate the family to that room and close off the other rooms to help keep warm air in a smaller area. Make sure you keep an eye on water pipes and when the temperature gets below freezing, be sure you leave a small stream of "cold" water running in your sinks, remember... hot water freezes faster and will definitely freeze or burst your pipes. Check your local stores or even various hunting supply stores for some down clothing or anything to help you stay warm. Generators will help if the power goes out but make sure you are stocked up on enough fuel for it.

I have learned to put my trust in the Farmer's Almanac and according to them, this winter is going to be pretty bad. So stock up on your winter preparedness items before it does get worse.

November 16, 2014

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


Exclusive: U.S. Government Orders 250,000 Hazmat Suits to be Sent to Dallas

Manager with large shipping company confirms purchase

A manager with a major shipping company has exclusively revealed to Infowars that the U.S. government has ordered 250,000 Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas, the location of the first Ebola outbreak in the United States.

The manager of the shipping company proved his credentials to Infowars by providing a photo ID and sending a verified email from the company account, but wishes to remain anonymous due to understandable fears that he could be fired for revealing the information.

“I just learned we have been asked to ship 250,000 HAZMAT suits to Dallas, TX. for the US Government. Again this is happening today, we are pulling these suits for the US Government to Dallas, TX,” states the individual, who manages the drivers who work for the shipping company.

The purchase of a quarter of a million Hazmat suits to be sent to Dallas confirms that health authorities are still very concerned about the spread of Ebola after two nurses in the city who cared for patient zero, Thomas Eric Duncan, contracted the virus earlier this month.

In an interview on the Alex Jones Show last week, Doctor James Lawrenzi revealed that Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), a private operator of health care facilities, had removed protective gear and Hazmat suits from local hospitals without replacing it. Lawrenzi also revealed that potential cases of Ebola were going unreported and that patients were being “disappeared” from hospitals.

As we reported earlier, PPE distributor Lakeland Industries announced yesterday that it had received 1 million orders for Hazmat suits from government agencies worldwide, a press release that prompted the company’s stock price to soar by 30 per cent in after-hours trading.

Lakeland initially hit the headlines in September after revealing that it had received an order from the U.S. State Department for 160,000 Hazmat suits.

Other federal agencies like the National Institutes of Health are also stockpiling PPE gear in anticipation of an unnamed “emergency event” disrupting the supply chain at some point in the future. Infowars also confirmed with numerous distributors that the federal government is exhausting supplies of Hazmat suits and that stock is being placed on hold for “government needs”.

November 16, 2014

Joe Public Note : Do not believe a word that ebola is under control here in the USA. Ebola can now survive in a host for 41 days and can survive up to 70 days in a male's testicles and can be spread sexually. So please pay attention to ebola symptoms that could show up in your area. I will add another article below that will have links to various websites where you can make or purchase various items that you can add to your survival equipment.


Back to Cold War as Russia probes NATO defenses

Brussels (AFP) - Nuclear-capable Russian bombers in European airspace, NATO intercepts, a foreign submarine in Swedish waters -- the fall-out from the Ukraine crisis feels like a return to Cold War days.

NATO has intercepted Russian aircraft on more than 100 occasions so far this year, three times more than all 2013, its new head Jens Stoltenberg said on Thursday.

"We have seen a substantial increase but we are doing what we are supposed to do. We intercept, we are ready and we react," Stoltenberg said, repeating that NATO must deal with Russia from a position of strength.

Earlier this week, NATO tracked and intercepted four groups of Russian warplanes, including long-range TU-95 strategic bombers and sophisticated fighters "conducting significant military manoeuvres" over the Baltic Sea, North Sea/Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea.

"These sizeable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity," NATO said.

A few days earlier, a Russian Ilyushin IL-20 spy plane which took off from the Russian Baltic coast enclave of Kaliningrad briefly crossed into Estonian airspace, all part of a pattern of increased testing of NATO's eastern flank.

The US-led military alliance has deployed more aircraft, ships and personnel, aiming especially to reassure newer members such as the Baltic states and Poland, once ruled from Moscow, who have been unnerved by Russia's intervention in Ukraine.

NATO has to send "a very clear message" to Moscow, Stoltenberg said.

- Russia asserts itself -

Viewed from Moscow, there is no cause for concern -- Russia is simply asserting its position after long years of decline and NATO and the West had better get used to it.

"Before, our aircraft did not fly. Now they do," said Igor Korotchenko, a member of the Russian defence ministry's advisory group.

"This is nothing but a return to the military practices of a country which thinks about its defence and the readiness of its military," Korotchenko told AFP.

"The airforce trains and mounts reconnaissance missions to better understand what our NATO colleagues are up to."

Brooks Tigner, NATO specialist for IHS Jane's Defence, said "these kind of provocative actions have been going on ever since the Cold War stopped ... but it wasn't reported on."

Now the Russians are putting up more complex formations -- some of this week's flights involved eight aircraft -- and flying closer to major population centres, Tigner said.

"This is indicative of a more assertive attitude by Russia. This signals 'We are a world player so watch out NATO'," he said.

- 'Game of brinkmanship' -

Other analysts said the increased activity recalled Cold War days when both sides probed and tested each other in sometimes risky maneuvers.

"It is a game of brinkmanship ... trying to get your opponent to make concessions," said Pavel Felguenhauer, a military analyst based in Moscow.

In this case, Russia wants to get the West to reverse the tough economic sanctions imposed over the Ukraine crisis and which have caused real pain to an already struggling economy, Felguenhauer said.

To do that, it aims to "frighten the Europeans, to make them believe that Russia is ready to do anything to get what it wants," he added.

That rings true, said Igor Sutyagin at RUSI in London, recalling that President Vladimir Putin had only recently warned "that Russia was heading towards a confrontation with the West".

"Military might is the only remaining tool to show Russia's desire to be taken seriously," Sutyagin said, and the government "thinks the West is not willing to fight, that it is easy to win."

The message from Moscow, said Sutyagin, is clear: "Look you had better be a friend; if you don't, this is what you will have."

It is a strategy, not far removed from the one that dominated the mid-20th century, designed to "intimidate the West into having a partnership with Russia" on its own terms.

November 16, 2014

Yahoo News


NATO reports more Russian flights, intercepts

Brussels (AFP) - NATO reported more Russian military flights and intercepts Friday over the Baltics, North Sea and Atlantic, just days after it picked up "an unusual level" of activity over European airspace.

The Russian flights, as previously, included "fighter jets, long-range bombers and tanker aircraft," NATO military spokesman Colonel Martin Downie said.

In one incident, two Russian TU-95 nuclear capable bombers flew west of Britain and down to Portugal, escorted by Norwegian, British and Portuguese fighter aircraft, Downie said.

No violations of NATO airspace were detected, he added.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the US-led military alliance remained vigilant given the increase in such activity.

"We are not in a Cold War situation but Russia has undermined a lot of trust," he said against a backdrop of continued tensions over Ukraine. "We must keep NATO strong."

On Wednesday, NATO said it had tracked and intercepted four groups of Russian warplanes "conducting significant military manoeuvres" in European airspace the same day and on Tuesday.

"These sizeable Russian flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace," it said.

NATO says that so far this year it has launched more than 100 intercepts of Russian aircraft, three times more than in all 2013.

November 16, 2014

Yahoo News


Russian flights over Europe raise tension: US military

Washington (AFP) - Russian military flights over European airspace are raising tensions and pose a potential danger to security and to civilian aircraft, a US military spokesman said Friday.

The United States was concerned about the flights of Russian warplanes and was tracking the activity "very closely," Rear Admiral John Kirby told reporters.

"We certainly don't see these increased flights and activity as helpful to the security situation in Europe. Clearly, they pose the potential risk of escalation," he said.

The flights also represented "a potential risk to civil aviation just in the sheer number, size, and scope of these flights," Kirby said.

There was another round of flights on Friday, with NATO monitoring Russian planes over the Baltics, the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

"The aircraft involved fighter jets, long-range bombers and tanker aircraft," Kirby said.

He added that the United States wants Russia "to take steps, concrete tangible steps to reduce tension, not increase it."

NATO this week said Russian military aircraft engaged in large-scale flight operations in European airspace and alliance planes were sent up to intercept and identify them.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday that the transatlantic alliance remained vigilant in the face of the Russian flights.

The air activity follows Russia's military intervention in Ukraine, which NATO has condemned, calling it the most serious threat to transatlantic security since the Cold War.

NATO says there have been more than 100 intercepts of Russian aircraft in 2014 to date, about three times the number in 2013.

November 16, 2014

Yahoo News


China and the United States Are Preparing for War

Despite the Obama-Xi handshake deal, the probability of confrontation will only heighten as long as the PLA remains a black box.

At a Nov. 12 news conference in Beijing, General Secretary of the Communist Party Xi Jinping and U.S. President Barack Obama agreed to notify the other side before major military activities, and to develop a set of rules of behavior for sea and air encounters, in order to avoid military confrontations in Asia. "It's incredibly important that we avoid inadvertent escalation," Ben Rhodes, a U.S. deputy national security advisor, was quoted by the Wall Street Journal as saying. An "accidental circumstance," he said, could "lead into something that could precipitate conflict."

Should we really be worried about war between the United States and China? Yes. Over the last four decades of studying China, I have spoken with hundreds of members of China's military, the People's Liberation Army (PLA), and read countless Chinese military journals and strategy articles. Chinese military and political leaders believe that their country is at the center of American war planning. In other words, Beijing believes that the United States is readying itself for the possibility of a conflict with China -- and that it must prepare for that eventuality.


Tensions are high not just because of Beijing's rapidly expanding military budget, or because the United States continues to commit an increasingly high percentage of its military assets to the Pacific as part of its "rebalance" strategy. Rather, the biggest problem is Chinese opacity. While it's heartening to hear Xi agree to instruct the PLA to be more open with regard to the United States, it is doubtful this will lead to any real changes. 

Washington is willing to share a substantial amount of military information with China, in order to "reduce the chances of miscommunication, misunderstanding or miscalculation," as then U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said during a January 2011 trip to Beijing.

But the Chinese leadership, which benefits from obfuscation and asymmetric tactics, refuses to communicate its military's intentions.

Despite repeated entreaties from American officials, Beijing is unwilling to talk about many key military issues -- like the scope and intentions of its rapid force buildup, development of technologies that could cripple American naval forces in the region, and its military's involvement in cyberattacks against the United States -- that would lower friction between the two sides. And sometimes, as in 2010 after U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, Beijing breaks off military-to-military contacts altogether -- leading to an especially troubling silence.


As a result, there is a growing mistrust of China among many thoughtful people in the U.S. government. Chinese military officers have complained to me that journals of the American war colleges now feature articles on war with China, and how the United States can win. A February 2014 article, for example, in the U.S. Naval Institute's Proceedings magazine, entitled "Deterring the Dragon," proposes laying offensive underwater mines along China's coast to close China's main ports and destroy its sea lines of communications. The article also suggests sending special operations forces to arm China's restive minorities in the country's vast western regions. 

But China is doing the same thing. In 2013, Gen. Peng Guangqian and Gen. Yao Youzhi updated their now-classic text, The Science of Military Strategy, and called for Beijing to add to the quality and quantity of its nuclear weapons, in order to close the gap between China and both Russia and the United States. Even Xi's "new model" of great-power relations seems to preclude arms control negotiations, requiring the United States to yield to the inevitability of China's rise. 


Many people outside the Pentagon may be surprised by just how many senior American officials are worried about a war with China. These include no less than the last U.S. two secretaries of defense, and a former secretary of state. In the concluding chapter of Henry Kissinger's 2011 book, On China, he warns of a World War I-style massive Chinese-American war. "Does history repeat itself?" he asks.

Over at least the last decade, on several occasions the United States has pressed China to be more forthright about its military intentions and capabilities. In April 2006, after a meeting between President George W. Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Chinese President Hu Jintao, both governments announced the start of talks between the strategic nuclear force commanders on both sides. This move would have been extremely important in demonstrating openness about military intentions. But the PLA dragged its feet, and the talks never started. 

In a September 2012 trip to Beijing, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta tried to persuade Beijing to enter military talks. Like his predecessor Gates, Panetta called for four specific areas of strategic dialogue: nuclear weapons, missile defense, outer space, and cybersecurity. But the Chinese objected, and again the talks never happened. 

Sure, Beijing could follow through on the agreements announced during Obama's recent trip. But I'm skeptical. One of the biggest advantages China has over the United States is the asymmetry of military knowledge. Why would they give that up?

November 16, 2014



Obama delivers veiled message to China

by Reuters Videos 0:52 mins

U.S. President Barack Obama pledges his government's commitment to its Asian allies, saying it will not tolerate "big nations bullying the small". Rough cut, no reporter narration.

See video in link below.

November 16, 2014

                                                                                          Yahoo News


Ebola, martial law and nuclear war connection

As some may know, the ebola outbreak in the USA is slowly spreading. Ebola victims are being released into the public and victims with ebola-like symptoms are disappearing from hospitals, people in suits show up and take them away and nobody knows where they have been taken to.

Once the ebola outbreak reaches a specific number of victims in various states, they will enforce martial law, then in time it will be placed as a sort of domestic martial law where cities will be shut down and controlled more easily and finally the nuclear war will begin.

Think about it.... A country like the USA has a major outbreak of ebola and keeps our borders open, allowing people to come and go as they please. What's the best way to stop it? A nuclear war! An EMP missile will shut down all electronics not protected by a faraday cage, phone, internet and vehicles ending the ability to leave the USA to over seas. The nukes will incinerate the ebola virus in many areas while the radiation will kill off more of it in other areas, not to mention killing off many Americans in the process, but after all, that's why they want the war in the first place right? Population Control!!

Need a quick reminder? Go to our video page and have another look at Strategic Relocation and then have another look at some of the articles above.

Are you starting to see the connection between the articles and the video yet? Just remember that the Strategic Relocation is now out in the third addition, the video was made for the first addition several years ago BEFORE the problems with Russia and China. Things don't look to good now, do they?

Please, for the sake of you and your family's lives, gather what supplies you can, get away from large cities and large bodies of water. As for what to put into a bug out bag.... only you can decide what you truly need to take with you. I will soon do an article describing some of the basic items that most people put into their bags and maybe a few of my own suggestions, but in the end, you will have to decide on the most important items you will need for your bag.

In any case, get your things ready and be prepared to evacuate to a safe zone as soon as possible. I am currently working on obtaining land for a small community if anyone is interested, please feel free to call me (for those who have my number) or leave me a message to contact you through the profiles page also known as our members page. For members, just log in and click on your name to get to your profile page, then click on "view all members" in upper right of the page an click on my profile then click on send message to let me know. I will try to write an article explaining more about it in a day or two.

For now, check out the next article for ideas on more items and links to where to find them.

November 16, 2016

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


Survival Supply Item Links

I am adding some links here with a small description of the items to look for on those websites. I highly suggest in obtaining these supplies as soon as possible. Also, you may want to write these items down and see if you can find them cheaper if possible, however, if an item is marked with a red * beside it, then you will need to get that specific item from that website as it is definitely the best on the market. You may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere, but I suggest getting the item(s) from the site where it was found, because the item located is highly recommended and I have checked them myself. Just click on the links at the end of the description of each item and it will open that website in a new tab.

1. ProPur Water Filtration - Various types, sizes and prices depending on what you can afford for purifying your water. -

2. Nuclear & Biological Items (19 items total, but you can choose) - The most important items here are as follows : ThyroSafe, RADSticker (5 pack), RAD Eliminator Pro Filtered 28oz Sports Bottle, RAD Survival Straw, Modifilan, Nuclear War Survival Skills Book, Any or all of the RAD survival kits, the Strategic Relocation: North American Guide To Safe Places BOOK is also for sale on this page and the Radiological (RAD) Replacement Filter for the sports bottle mentioned above. Please note that other important items can be found on this site as well. All of these items can be found at - *

3. Radiation Suit - Several sizes and prices here, but you have to scroll down to find the one you need. - eBay

4. Infectious Disease Breathing Protection, Filtration, Clothing & Gloves - your choice - Ebola Protection Center

5. Fluoride Test Kit - For testing your water supply for fluoride. - MicroWaterMan

6. Hazmat Suits - Other types and sizes of hazmat suits (higher priced, but better for those who may be able to afford them). - Grainger

7. Supernatural Silver - Helps boost your immune system. - Supernatural Silver

8. Colloidal Silver - Helps boost your immune system. - Purest Colloids

9. SilverLungs Generator - Make your own colloidal silver (a bit expensive, but worth it. Allows you to make as much as possible for      storage use later). - *

10. Paracord - multiple colors and sizes. - Paracord Planet

11. Paracord - multiple colors at 1,000 ft length. - Paracord Wholesale Shop

12. Paracord - multiple colors, sizes and even tutorials on making bracelets, belts, etc. - Paracord Galaxy

13. Various Survival supplies - your choice. - Emergency Essentials *

14. Down Clothing - Mostly jackets, but are for men, women and children at low cost. -

These are just a few website suggestions to find your survival supplies cheaper, but feel free to do your own search on other websites and wholesale dealers and don't forget to check some of your local stores and any other areas you may think of. If anyone happens to find an item cheaper, please feel free to share that information in our Forums!

Happy hunting and good luck!

November 16, 2014

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


News For October 31, 2014



Everyone please have a safe and Happy Halloween

from all of us here at

The Victorious Phoenix.


Ebola becomes a workplace concern

Imagine you’re a boss with a worker who tells you he was exposed to the deadly Ebola virus. What would you do?

An increasing number of businesses, universities and other types of organizations are beginning to ask that question, as the Ebola death toll rises and authorities warn the virus could infect 10,000 people per week by the end of the year globally. And the answers aren't simple ones.

“A pandemic touches all parts of a business, potentially,” says Randy Nornes, executive vice president at consulting firm Aon Risk Solutions. “This is an extremely complex topic. When a pandemic comes up, one thing a lot of companies find is a lot of connectivity is missing inside the organization."

Worry over Ebola in the United States vastly exceeds its actual presence here; there are only a handful of cases among a population of 320 million. Statistically, that’s almost too minuscule to measure. Yet experts warn the virus could spread rapidly under the right conditions, and missteps by state and federal officials have already shown how the virus can evade aggressive efforts to contain it. In response to questions from corporate clients, Aon recently established an online “Ebola response site” to address concerns businesses might have about the virus.

Employers face the challenge of offering support and compassion to staffers who might have been exposed to the virus, while assuring the rest of their workforce that all necessary safeguards are in place. One U.S. firm, the Akron, Ohio-based utility FirstEnergy, has already said one employee was in contact with a Texas nurse who later tested positive for Ebola, with a second worker claiming possible exposure to the virus as well. The company gave both workers three weeks of leave with pay, which benefits experts generally consider to be an appropriate measure. That’s enough time to cover the 21-day isolation period required to determine if someone is infected.

Other companies may be dealing privately with employees who were on one of the Frontier Airlines flights the stricken nurse flew on between Dallas and Cleveland in mid-October. In addition to deciding whether to offer three weeks of paid leave, companies must grapple with trickier questions: Should companies notify other workers if there’s an exposed employee in their midst, for instance, or keep their mouths shut?

Legal obligations and ramifications

In general, employers are legally obligated to safeguard the privacy of employees’ medical information. But they’re also obligated to inform the government about possible Ebola cases, because they represent a public health risk. Some workers at risk of Ebola willingly disclose the information, but others want privacy, to avoid the stigma associated with the virus. Figuring out what a company must or should disclose is a case-by-case matter fraught with legal implications if it reveals too much, or too little.

At many companies, these will remain theoretical concerns. But in some industries—such as energy and chocolate—the nature of the work may require some workers to interact directly with people from the parts of West Africa most affected by the virus. In addition to concerns about health, U.S. companies might have to pay worker’s compensation claims if their employees encounter Ebola on the job—as two infected nurses at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas did. Exposed workers can also sue their employers, although worker’s comp can limit legal options in some states, unless a worker dies and family members pursue litigation.

The prospect of Ebola-related lawsuits has led insurance companies to review their options. Aon's Narnes says some insurance companies that write policies for companies have begun to explore clauses that would exclude Ebola cases from coverage and limit their own liability. Employers are likely to push back against such exclusion clauses.

Precautionary measures on campus

Some universities are concerned that students will globetrot during Thanksgiving and end-of-year breaks, potentially bumping into people infected with the virus and bringing it back to campus. Most schools have procedures for dealing with infectious diseases, such as meningitis, but the fear factor regarding Ebola could prompt new measures—including overreaction. Navarro College in Texas drew criticism recently for refusing to consider any applicants from Nigeria, which the World Health Organization now says is Ebola-free. When Kent State discovered that three of its employees were related to the infected Dallas nurse who visited Ohio, it asked them to stay off campus for 21 days.

The American College Health Association advises schools to make sure they know what to do if a student needs to be quarantined or infectious medical waste needs to be destroyed, and to make sure they coordinate in advance with the local health department. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has asked schools to cancel education-related travel to Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone—the countries where Ebola is most prevalent— “until further notice.”

As scary as Ebola seems, it has precedent. Many organizations developed plans for dealing with a pandemic during the H1N1 scare in 2009 or the SARS outbreak in 2002. In those instances, the biggest problem at most companies turned out to be mass abseentism among workers who got sick rather than the rapid spread of infection.

To deal with such problems, many organizations develop temporary task forces, to coordinate action among departments that don’t otherwise interact and concentrate leadership in one place. But when the problem goes away, so does the task force, often leaving nobody in charge. Given that the CDC itself seemed unprepared for Ebola in the United States, it’s probably safe for businesses to assume their own plans might have a hole or two.

October 22, 2014

Yahoo News


Third UN employee dies from Ebola

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - A UN staff member in Sierra Leone has died from Ebola, the third employee from the world organization to succumb to the deadly virus, the UN spokesman said Monday.

The man, who was a driver for the UN Women agency, passed away at the weekend in Sierra Leone and his spouse is currently receiving treatment, said spokesman Stephane Dujarric.

"All measures to protect staff at the duty station in Sierra Leone are being taken as best as possible under the current circumstances," said Dujarric.

A Sudanese national who worked as a UN health worker in Liberia died in Germany last week while a Liberian woman died of probable Ebola last month.

UN Women said in a statement that Edmond Bangura-Sesay, who had been a driver for the agency since 2005, died on Saturday after testing positive for Ebola.

He was placed in quarantine on October 14 after his wife fell ill.

She remains under care at an Ebola treatment center and a UN medical team was working to trace all the people who came in contact with the driver, said UN Women.

The world's worst Ebola outbreak has killed at least 4,500 people in West Africa where the United Nations is leading an effort to beat back the virus with a massive influx of aid.

A UN trust fund set up to provide quick funding to confront the Ebola emergency got a boost when Australia deposited $8.7 million and more pledges have come in.

Chile, Estonia, Finland, India, Kazakhstan, New Zealand, Norway and Romania offered contributions to the fund, bringing the total amount of pledges to $43.5 million.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon last week caused a stir when he complained of having only $100,000 in cash on hand for the fund and urged nations to dig deep in their pockets.

The fund is separate from a $1 billion dollar appeal that the United Nations has launched to beef up the Ebola response. So far, $433 million have been donated to the appeal which is earmarked for UN agencies.

October 20, 2014

Yahoo News


Ebola gives U.S. 'preppers' another reason to prepare for worst

(Reuters) - With the closest known U.S. cases of Ebola diagnosed about 160 miles away in Dallas, Cary Griffin is taking no chances.

If, as the former correctional officer fears, the virus spreads to hundreds of people, Griffin is headed to the woods.

"I'll do what the English royalty did to survive the bubonic plague," Griffin said, referring to King Charles II's flight to the countryside during the Great Plague of London in 1665-66. "I'm going into the country."

Griffin, 27, of Huntsville, Texas, is among a growing if loosely-defined segment of Americans, known as "preppers," who plan, train and stockpile in preparation for a natural calamity or societal breakdown.

For many, the three cases of Ebola diagnosed in the United States so far since late September represent a new potential disaster and a reason to run to the store.

Preppers are at the extreme edge of concern over Ebola, which has led to a series of false alarms driven by fear. Government efforts to stop the virus spreading from the three worst-hit West African countries, where more than 4,500 have died, include some travel restrictions and enhanced screening at airports.

Chad Huddleston, an anthropologist at the University of Southern Illinois at Edwardsville, who studies preppers and estimates their numbers in the United States in the low hundreds of thousands, said those he has talked to are more concerned with undue public fear than with contracting Ebola.

The virus was diagnosed in a Liberian visitor who was infected in his home country and two nurses who treated him at a Dallas, Texas hospital when he was dying and at his most contagious. Both nurses have been moved out of the state for treatment in hospitals equipped to treat Ebola patients.

U.S. preppers have their roots in Cold War-era civil defense programs, said Vincent DeNiro, editor of Prepper & Shooter magazine.

The movement's profile rose thanks in part to the National Geographic Channel TV show "Doomsday Preppers," and includes strains as disparate as off-grid homesteaders in the Great Plains, wilderness experts in the Mountain West and suburbanites across the country with caches of food and guns.


For many of them, gearing up for Ebola has meant fortifying their stocks of freeze-dried food, water, filtration devices and hazardous material, or hazmat, suits, which experts say can be useless if not taken off properly.

Some are also honing plans to meet teams of fellow survivalists at prearranged locations, or, like Griffin, who has no spouse or children, preparing to go it alone in the wilderness.

Stockpiling has led to shortages of a range of survival gear, from food with a shelf-life in excess of 20 years to impermeable medical suits, according to vendors. At Cheaper Than Dirt, a leading online survivalist retailer based in Texas, dozens of varieties of freeze-dried meals are out of stock, from packets of cheesy lasagna to 60-serving buckets of mushroom stroganoff.

Supplies such as hazmat suits and protective gloves - sometimes called Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) gear - are running low, said Richard Smith, general manager of The Survival Center, an online retailer in Washington state, about 1,500 miles from Texas. Smith boasted of snagging last week the final wholesale personal protection suits and respirator masks to be had on the West Coast.

Using hazmat gear without proper training is of limited benefit, said magazine editor DeNiro, who has encouraged his readers to stock up on at least six months of food.

"Buying NBC equipment and not learning how to use it properly is like buying a gun and ammunition and never practicing with it," he said.

Many preppers, who have focused their planning on everything from solar storms and earthquakes to nuclear holocaust, are skeptical of government - a view that dovetails with concerns, voiced by lawmakers and medical experts, that U.S. authorities mishandled the response to the virus when it emerged at a Texas hospital.

At a prepper and self-defense school in south Florida, fear over Ebola has meant a rush of students, about 54 in the past two weeks, to take a primer course on how to avoid contracting the virus, said David D'Eugenio, founder of the HomeSafety Academy in Lake Park.

"For the past week, I can't even tell you what our hours are like with all the people coming through," he said.

An avid prepper and retired firefighter in West Palm Beach, Florida, Bob Boike, who attends D'Eugenio's school, believes that an Ebola outbreak in the United States will likely be averted, but he is taking no chances.

Boike, 58, who co-leads of a team of 32 preppers and their families, with multiple secret locations provisioned to last them a year or more, has stocked up on water and canned food, having already socked away an ample supply of masks, gloves and other medical supplies, he said.

“This is our insurance for if and when there is societal breakdown,” Boike said.

October 22, 2014

Yahoo News


Governors stress home quarantine for Ebola workers

NEW YORK (AP) — The gulf between politicians and scientists over Ebola widened on Sunday as the nation's top infectious-disease expert warned that the mandatory, 21-day quarantining of medical workers returning from West Africa is unnecessary and could discourage volunteers from traveling to the danger zone.

Late Sunday night, the governors of New York and New Jersey stressed separately that the policies allowed for home confinement for medical workers who have had contact with Ebola patients if the workers show no symptoms. They will receive twice-daily monitoring from health officials.

The emphasis on home confinement was at odds with the widely criticized treatment of a nurse returning from Sierrra Leone who was forcibly quarantined is a New Jersey hospital isolation unit even though she said had no symptoms and tested negative for Ebola.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said such quarantines in medical facilities would only be used in some cases, such as if the health care workers were from states other than New York or New Jersey. For workers under home confinement, family members will be allowed to stay, and friends may visit with the approval of health officials. Workers displaying any symptoms will go straight to the hospital.

"My personal practice is to err on the side of caution," Cuomo said. "The old expression is, 'Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.'"

Under the protocols Cuomo detailed Sunday night, the state also will pay for any lost compensation if the quarantined workers are not paid by a volunteer organization.

Cuomo had criticized Dr. Craig Spencer, who tested positive for Ebola on Thursday, for not obeying a 21-day voluntary quarantine. But on Sunday, he called the health care workers "heroes" and said his administration would encourage more medical workers to volunteer to fight Ebola.

For much of the weekend, the governors had been under fire from members of the medical community and the White House.

"The best way to protect us is to stop the epidemic in Africa, and we need those health care workers, so we do not want to put them in a position where it makes it very, very uncomfortable for them to even volunteer to go," said Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

Meanwhile, Kaci Hickox, the first nurse forcibly quarantined in New Jersey under the state's new policy, said in a telephone interview with CNN that her isolation at a hospital was "inhumane," adding: "We have to be very careful about letting politicians make health decisions."

Saying the federal health guidelines are inadequate, Cuomo and Christie announced a mandatory quarantine program Friday for medical workers and other arriving airline passengers who have had contact with Ebola victims in West Africa, either in their homes or in medical facilities, and Illinois soon followed suit. Twenty-one days is the incubation period for Ebola.

"We're staying one step ahead," Cuomo said Sunday night. "We're doing everything possible. Some people say we're being too cautious. I'll take that criticism."

The Obama administration considers the policy in New York and New Jersey "not grounded in science" and conveyed its concerns to Christie and Cuomo, a senior administration official told The Associated Press earlier Sunday. The official wasn't authorized to comment by name and insisted on anonymity.

Fauci made the rounds on five major Sunday morning talk shows to argue that policy should be driven by science — and that science says people with the virus are not contagious until symptoms appear. And even then, infection requires direct contact with bodily fluids.

He said that close monitoring of medical workers for symptoms is sufficient, and warned that forcibly separating them from others, or quarantining them, for three weeks could cripple the fight against the outbreak in West Africa — an argument that humanitarian medical organizations have also made.

"If we don't have our people volunteering to go over there, then you're going to have other countries that are not going to do it and then the epidemic will continue to roar," Fauci said.

Earlier this month, four members of a family in Texas that Ebola victim Thomas Eric Duncan stayed with before he died were confined to their home under armed guard after failing to comply with a request not to leave their apartment. Also, 75 Dallas hospital workers were asked to sign legally binding documents in which they agreed not go to public places or use mass transit.

The New York-area quarantine measures were announced after Spencer returned to New York City from treating Ebola victims in Guinea for Doctors Without Borders and was admitted to Bellevue Hospital Center Thursday to be treated for Ebola. In the week after his return, he rode the subway, went bowling and ate at a restaurant.

Hospital officials said Sunday that Spencer was in serious but stable condition, was looking better than he did the day before, and tolerated a plasma treatment well.

Hickox, the quarantined nurse who just returned from Sierra Leone, said she had no symptoms at all and tested negative for Ebola in a preliminary evaluation.

"It's just a slippery slope, not a sound public health decision," she said of the quarantine policy. "I want to be treated with compassion and humanity, and don't feel I've been treated that way."

Hickox has access to a computer, her cellphone, magazines and newspapers and has been allowed to have takeout food, New Jersey Health Department officials said.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio called Hickox a "returning hero" and charged that she was "treated with disrespect," as if she done something wrong, when she was put into quarantine. He said that she was interrogated repeatedly and things were not explained well to her.

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations who is on a trip to West Africa, said returning U.S. health care workers should be "treated like conquering heroes and not stigmatized for the tremendous work that they have done."

In other developments, President Barack Obama met Sunday with his Ebola response team, including "Ebola czar" Ron Klain and other public health and national security officials. According to a statement released by the White House, Obama said any measures concerning returning health care workers "should be crafted so as not to unnecessarily discourage those workers from serving."

Florida Gov. Rick Scott ordered twice-daily monitoring for 21 days of anyone returning from the Ebola-stricken areas.

The World Health Organization said more than 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola in the outbreak that came to light last March, and nearly half of them have died, mostly in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Fauci appeared on "Fox News Sunday," ABC's "This Week, NBC's "Meet the Press," CBS' "Face the Nation" and CNN's "State of the Union." Christie was interviewed on Fox and Power spoke to NBC.

October 27, 2014

Yahoo News


Obama Admits Ebola is A Trial Run For A Deadlier Airborne Disease

Obama openly admits that the current outbreak of ebola in the U.S. was a "trial run"!

Check out the video link below from which will show the video of Obama admitting something bigger is coming.

Click here ------> Obama Admits Ebola is A Trial Run

October 31, 2014

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


Where Are The New Members?

Sorry folks, but until we can get more members to join, I will be unable to add a maps page which would have included an Ebola Map for the USA, a health map showing areas recent diseases and a special section for requested maps showing areas that will be hit by nukes.

I was also going to add another page showing various types of Bugout Bag Supplies and suggestions.

But until we can get more members, my website provider will not allow me to add more pages. We need somewhere around 15 to 20 members to get the extra pages. So please send out those invitations, tell family, friends and anyone who may be interested in our website.

Time is ticking and so is our chance to get the message out about what is going on. Soon the internet could get shut down or they could turn off the grid or even start the Martial Law which any of those things would prevent us from letting anyone know anything.

Ebola is still spreading in the USA quietly and once it gets so far, martial law will go into effect and we can kiss our website good-bye along with all that we are trying to do to help others become more aware of the complete situation that we are facing. So please help us get the word out by telling others and have them join our website. Remind them that they do not have to give their real name and other information when making their profile, but we do require a real email address so they can receive update notices and alerts.

Thanks everyone!

October 31, 2014

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More To Come Later

I will be updating again later tonight, it is almost time to take the kids out for Trick or Treating.

Check back often for further updates.

October 31, 2014

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News For October 20, 2014

After Armageddon

I was going through some videos from over the weekend and ran across this one by accident or by God. The movie is called After Armageddon and was aired on the History Chanel a few years ago and oddly it sounded a little familiar, basically its about a "super flu" that all but takes over the entire population of Earth Billions of people end up dying from it and only a handful of survivors here and there manage to survive and live a new life in a new world without the basic necessities that we take for granted today, such as grocery stores, hospitals, water, electricity, etc.

I remember watching it when it was first aired, but had almost forgotten about it until I found it on YouTube. My point on this movie is that if the Ebola virus gets out of hand, we will see the exact same thing happen that was in the movie. The movie is about one hour and twenty-eight minutes long with no commercials. I highly suggest that everyone who visits this website to please click on the link below and watch the movie in full. If the virus gets out of control, then this is what we will be facing within the next few months.

Think about how it spreads, 1 person infects 2 people, then those 2 infect 4, those 4 infect 8, those 8 infect 16 and so on and by every fourth transfer of the virus , it may mutate again. Currently there could already be 100 or more people infected with ebola and most may not even know they have it because it can sit in a host for 21 days without showing signs of symptoms. This gives the virus a better chance of spreading to other locations.

Also,..... remember to stock up on medical supplies, especially antibiotics! You will see why by near the end of the movie. I will try to add a topic in the Forums later that will give you some basics on a bugout bag, however, I can not tell you absolutely everything to take with you, because everyone has different needs in different situations. But I will mention most of the basic items that many people put into their B.O.B.s (bugout bags).

But anyway, watch the video and feel free to make any comments about it on our Forums page. If anyone has any ideas or gets some kind of inspiration from the movie, let us know about it, regardless of whether it may seem silly or not, it could be a great idea. So share what you think or feel about the movie.

Click Here ------>   AFTER ARMAGEDDON

October 20, 2014

The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


World War 3: Vladimir Putin Threatens West with Russia’s 5,000 Nuclear Warheads

By Zachary Stieber,  Epoch Times | October 19, 2014

Last Updated: October 20, 2014 8:43 am

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has threatened the West with his country’s 5,000 nuclear warheads.

Putin has raised the specter of nuclear war for the third time in the past two months as he and Western countries such as the United States clash over the Ukraine conflict, which has been bringing to light other deep-seated animosity.

Putin made his latest comments while en route to the annual Asia-Europe Meeting in Milan, a summit of 50 nations.

“We hope that our partners will realize the recklessness of attempts to blackmail Russia, and will remember the risks that a spat between major nuclear powers means for strategic stability,” Putin told Serbian newspaper Politika.

“He’s again threatened the West with nuclear weapons,” John Besemeres, a Russia expert at the ANU, told the Sydney Morning Herald. “It seems like a mastubatory fantasy he can’t go without.”

The comments came as New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key revealed he was bantering with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev earlier this year when the latter brought up the issue of nuclear war.

“So we’re having this joke exchange and one point I said to him: ‘How long would it take a missile to get out from Moscow to NZ?’” Key recalled.

Medvedev briefly consulted an aide before turning back to the NZ leader. Key said: “He said, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll let you know before it happens.’” 

And Putin has referenced the warheads two other times recently. In mid-August he told members of Russia’s Duma that he soon planned to “surprise the West with our new developments in offensive nuclear weapons about which we do not talk yet.”

And in September he told a group of youth: “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the leading nuclear powers … It’s best not to mess with us.” 

Besemeres, the Russian expert, said that “Putin’s Russia is heading towards a police state internally and a rogue state externally. It’s a very worrying combination.” 

Andrew O’Neil, a professor of international relations at Griffith University with insight into Russian nuclear policy, said that there’s one key area in Australia on Russia’s target list–the United States-Australian joint facilities that monitor satellites that fly over eastern Russia.

Dr. Helen Caldicott, an Australian physician who founded the International Physicians against Nuclear War, recently told reporters in Washington, D.C. that a war between Russia and the U.S. would automatically include nuclear weapons. 

“There is no way a war between the United States and Russia could start and not go nuclear,” she said.

“The United States and Russia have enormous stockpiles of these weapons. Together they have 94 percent of all the 16,300 nuclear weapons in the world.”

“We are in a very fallible, very dangerous situation operated by mere mortals,” she warned. “The nuclear weapons, are sitting there, thousands of them. They are ready to be used.”

Russia surpassed the United States for the first time in number of nuclear warheads that are deployed, according to a recent report from the State Department.

Russia now has 1,643 warheads deployed on intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles and heavy bombers. The United States has 1,642, said the fact sheet, reported the Washington Times.

“The warhead count for the Russians, based the Sept. 1 report required under the 2010 New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), shows an increase of 131 warheads since the last declaration on March 1,” it said.

“The U.S. reported a warhead increase of 57 during the same period. It is not clear why the warhead numbers increased.”

Sen. James Inhofe of Oklahoma, ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Armed Services, wrote in an op-ed in Foreign Policy in reaction to the news that Russian deception in negotiating an arms reduction treaty while building up nuclear arms “poses a direct threat to the United States.”

He said that Russia violated a previous treaty while negotiating the most recent treaty, the START, with the Obama administration. “The White House was at best nave to Russian duplicity; at worst it was complicit,” he said.

Mark Schneider, a former Pentagon strategic weapons specialist, said that the build up confirmed vows by Russian officials to increase their deployed warheads. 

“While so little information is released under New START that there is no way to say for sure, the Russian increases appears to reflect the arming of the two new Borey class ballistic missile submarines,” Schneider said.

“All U.S. numbers have declined since New START entry into force. The fact that this is happening reflects the ineffectiveness of the Obama administration’s approach to New START.”

October 20, 2014

Epoch Times

Russian Submarine Reportedly Found Within 31 Miles Of Stockholm, Sweden Mobilizes Troops

A Russian submarine has reportedly traveled to within a stone’s throw to Stockholm, prompting an aggressive response from Sweden, including a mobilization of troops and ships.

It had been reported late this week that “foreign underwater activity” was taking place in the Stockholm archipelago, but the activity was not confirmed, and it was not officially linked to Russia. But reports later on Saturday seemed to confirm that it was Russia.

Sources say that more than 200 Swedish military personnel have been involved in the search for the sub. The search started when National Defense Radio Establishment reportedly detected radio communication in Russian, and the search narrowed the next day.

“Friday night signal intelligence once again intercepted radio communication,” the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported. “This time it was encrypted but it was possible to determine the position of the transmitter and the receiver. The transmitter was situated somewhere in Kanholmsfjärden in the archipelago of Stockholm, and the receiver was situated in Kaliningrad, Russia.”

The operation comes as tensions between Nordic and Baltic states have grown following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its nuclear maneuvering. Earlier this month, Russia moved more than 100 nuclear warheads into northern waters, and Barents Observer noted that most were headed to two Northern fleet submarines.

“Those two alone can hold 192 warheads, but since the increase, according to the official figures, is 131 since last information exchange in March, the two submarines are likely not fully loaded,” the report noted.

Many believed the nuclear weapon build up was a sign of aggression from Russia.

“There is no doubt that the long-lasting period of disarmament now has changed to rearmament,” said Kristian Åtland, Senior Research Fellow with the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment.

Last week, Finland also accused Russia of interfering with an environmental research vessel inside of international waters.

Sweden has also claimed that two Russian warplanes entered its airspace, sending a protest to Moscow about what it termed a “serious violation.” The Swedish government has not released an official statement about the Russian submarine near Stockholm.

October 20, 2014



China Says It's Hard To Resume Cyber Security Talks With U.S.

Reporting by Benjamin Kang Lim; editing by Andrew Roche / MSN News

BEIJING - Resuming cyber security cooperation between China and the United States would be difficult because of "mistaken U.S. practices", China's top diplomat told U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry.

Cyber security is an irritant to bilateral ties. On Wednesday the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said hackers it believed were backed by the Chinese government had launched more attacks on U.S. companies, a charge China rejected as unfounded.

In May, the United States charged five Chinese military officers with hacking American firms, prompting China to shut down a bilateral working group on cyber security.

Yang Jiechi, a state councillor overseeing foreign affairs, told Kerry in Boston the United States "should take positive action to create necessary conditions for bilateral cyber security dialogue and cooperation to resume", according to a statement seen on the Chinese Foreign Ministry website on Sunday.

"Due to mistaken U.S. practices, it is difficult at this juncture to resume Sino-U.S. cyber security dialogue and cooperation," Yang was quoted as saying. The statement did not elaborate.

Former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden has said the U.S. National Security Agency hacked into official network infrastructure at universities in China and Hong Kong.

China, repeatedly accused by the United States of hacking, has used Snowden's allegations as ammunition to point the finger at Washington for hypocrisy.

October 20, 2014

MSN News


Russia warns of 'prolonged' period of cold relations with U.S.

  • by Geoffrey Smith / Fortune
  • October 20, 2014

  • Frustration at Western hectoring boils over after Milan meeting brings no progress; Ruble near all-time lows again after Moody’s cuts sovereign debt rating.

    Russia lashed out at the U.S. again Monday, predicting a long period of cold relations and saying that Moscow won’t agree to any conditions for the lifting of sanctions on it.

    The comments by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in a speech at a foreign policy institute in Moscow Monday, come after a bruising verbal encounter between President Vladimir Putin and European leaders in Milan last week, which failed to yield any material progress in ending the conflict in Ukraine.

    “This period now affecting our relations will be a long one,” Interfax reported Lavrov as saying Monday, putting the blame for the deterioration of relations squarely on the U.S.’s refusal to accept the rise of other powers after two decades of the post-Cold War ‘Washington Consensus’.

    The E.U.’s decision to fall in with U.S. policy on Ukraine and join it in applying sanctions has angered Moscow, which had counted on the importance of their bilateral trade relations–especially in energy–to protect it. Instead the E.U., like the U.S., has banned Russia’s largest banks from its capital markets and limited sales of high-tech goods to its crucial oil sector.

    Europe’s de facto leader, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, had told the Bundestag before meeting with Putin Thursday and Friday that she wanted Russia to withdraw its troops from Ukraine, allow independent monitoring of the Russia-Ukraine border, and support free regional elections in the disputed provinces of eastern Ukraine under Ukrainian law.

    “We won’t agree to any criteria and conditions of the sort,” Lavrov told the NTV channel Sunday, saying that Russia was already doing more to end the crisis than anyone else.

    “We can find a way out of the present crisis and will help our Ukrainian brothers agree on how to restructure their country,” Lavrov said, in a reference to Moscow’s support for the “federalization” of Ukraine. The two regions partially held by pro-Russian rebels, Donetsk and Luhansk, have said declared independence and won’t accept anything less.

    For all the defiance, pressure on the Russian economy is slowly mounting under the combined influence of sanctions and, more importantly in the short term, the sharp drop in the price of oil, its main export. On Friday, Moody’s Investor Service cut the country’s long-term debt rating to Baa2, only two grades above junk status, with a negative outlook.

    The ruble has weakened to a series of all-time lows against the dollar, despite the central bank softening the decline with billions of dollars of foreign exchange interventions.

    At the weekend, Russia agreed to a temporary compromise–proposed by the E.U.–on resuming gas supplies to Ukraine at a price 20% below what it had previously asked for. OAO Gazprom had stopped supplying it in May citing unpaid bills of $5 billion for past deliveries.

    The deal should avert the risk of a shutdown in crucial supplies to some E.U. countries this winter, but it’s unclear how Ukraine will pay for the deliveries. The country is on the verge of bankruptcy after the annexation of Crimea and the war in the east wrecked its economy.

    Industrial production in September was down 16.6% from a year ago due to collapsing output in Donetsk and Luhansk.

    October 20, 2014




    News for October 17,2014

    World War 3 is coming? U.S. Army drafts global warfare, 'total war' blueprint

    Is World War 3 coming? If you ask conspiracy theorists, the answer is an unequivocal "yes." As tempers continue flaring between North Korea, China, Russia, Iran West, China, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS or ISIL), and the West, war prognosticators and conservative pundits, who rail on Barack Obama at every juncture, are fanning flames of fear that global armed conflict is imminent, a third world war, if you will. A stunning report charges that U.S. Army brass are preparing for international confrontation as if World War 3 will breakout. Additionally, the warfare blueprint being drafted has "ominous" implications.

    The news site, InfoWars posted a telling headline on October 14 titled "US ARMY DRAFTS BLUEPRINT FOR WORLD WAR III," with a snippet teaser sub-headline that read, "There will be boots and plenty of them." The title immediately evokes thoughts of Armageddon from atomic warfare. However, this latest bit of news, rather, offers objective evidence that the Pentagon is laying out a strategic plan to wage global warfare or “total war,” not only on long-standing hostile nations and regimes, but domestic war on its citizenry should the need arise. Could it simply be part of strategic forward-thinking? Info delves deep into the latest developments with but suggests war-planning, even a preemptive strike, cannot be ruled out.

    The bold World War 3 predictions come on the heels of a military document released during the Association of United States Army (or AUSA) conference that took place this week. During the yearly event, top brass from U.S. Armed Forces, experts in armed conflict and private sector representatives, who showcase the latest ballistic and artillery systems, get together and talk about the future of the rules of engagement. It's tantamount to a road or trade show.

    During the conference, Army Chief of Staff, Gen. Raymond Odierno emerged as the most memorable speaker who talked explicitly about the reduced size of military personnel due to Congress’ impasse over Sequestration. In his opinion, if World War 3 or some other regional conflicts breaks out, he fears the current numbers of reserve and active duty soldiers are not enough to fight a potential ground war or incursion of the homeland.

    IW claims that the motives behind any pre-war troop buildup falls in line with the United State's quest for global imperialism. Part of that strategy to be the dominant influence on Earth ahead of another world war involves military prowess, much in the way the Roman Empire during the Gallic Wars under the leadership of Julius Caesar.

    "What do these words entail? In the case of a confrontation with another nuclear power, they encompass the implementation of a first-strike doctrine of mass annihilation. In regard to the subjugation and domination of other areas of the globe, they call for massive ground operations to quell popular resistance and enforce military occupation."

    World War 3, should the unthinkable occur, will not be sparked by extremist groups like the Islamic State or from rouge terrorists lashing out at Western ideology. Instead, according to the documents, a third world war will be aimed at obliterating modernizing nations that could threaten America’s reach and dominance. Sadly, people have to die as a result of this imperialistic stance, sources suggest.

    "First and foremost are 'competing powers,' a category that includes China, followed by Russia. In the case of China, the document evinces serious concern over Chinese 'force modernization efforts,' which it says are aimed at achieving 'stability along its periphery,' something that the US military is determined to block. China's military efforts, it states, 'highlight the need for Army forces positioned forward or regionally engaged,' and for 'Army forces to project power from land into the air, maritime, space and cyberspace domains.'"

    A potential breakout a third world war, according to the documents is based on what the Found Fathers feared the most – a standing military, according to InfoWars. Lesser countries over millennium have faced growing threats of coups and the U.S. Army is not immune, as evidenced by legislators' patterns of cowering to military generals.

    It's clear from today's story that the writer thinks the United States is adopting a pugilist strategy of global imperialism, even on its own soil. On the other hand, the military document, which some purport to be an indication World War 3 is coming and will break out soon, could be part of the Pentagon’s readiness in the event large-scale armed conflict ensues. What are your thoughts? Is it an apocalyptic sign of what's to come?

    October 17, 2014

    By : Bruce Baker

    Tampa Top News Examiner

    Note : The News article from is posted below this one as a reference mentioned from above.

    US Army drafts blueprint for World War III

    There will be boots and plenty of them

    by Bill Van Auken and David North | WSWS | October 14, 2014

    With US politicians and the American media engaged in an increasingly acrimonious debate over the strategy guiding the latest US war in the Middle East, the United States Army has unveiled a new document entitled the Army Operating Concept (AOC), which provides a “vision of future armed conflict” that has the most ominous implications.

    It is the latest in a series of documents in which the Pentagon has elaborated the underlying strategy of preventive war that was unveiled in 1992—that is, the use of war as a means of destroying potential geopolitical and economic rivals before they acquire sufficient power to block American domination of the globe.

    The document was formally released at this week’s Association of the United States Army (AUSA) conference, an annual event bringing together senior officers and Defense Department officials for a series of speeches and panel discussions, along with a giant trade show mounted by arms manufacturers to show off their latest weapons systems and pursue lucrative Pentagon contracts.

    Much of this year’s proceedings were dominated by dire warnings about the impact of cuts to the Army’s troop strength brought about by sequestration. Gen. Raymond Odierno, chief of staff of the Army, told reporters at the AUSA conference Monday that he was “starting to worry about our end strength” and regretting having told Congress in 2012 that the Army could manage with 490,000 active-duty soldiers.

    In addition to the 490,000, there are 350,000 National Guard soldiers and 205,000 reservists, for a combined force—referred to by the Pentagon as the Total Army—of well over one million American troops. The answer to why such a gargantuan armed force would seem inadequate to Gen. Odierno can be found in the new Army Operating Concept (AOC), a reckless and dangerous document laying out a strategy of total war that encompasses the entire planet, including the United States itself.

    The document makes clear that in regard to the ongoing debate over “boots on the ground,” for the top brass of the US Army there is no question: there will be boots and plenty of them.

    At the outset, the AOC states its “vision” for the coming wars to be fought by the US Army. In language that recalls former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s invocation of the “unknown unknowns,” the document asserts: “The environment the Army will operate in is unknown. The enemy is unknown, the location is unknown, and the coalitions involved are unknown.”

    The only logical explanation for this paranoid scenario is that the US military views every country beyond its borders as a potential enemy. Starting from the premise that the environments, the enemies, the locations and the coalitions involved in future conflicts are unknown, the US Army requires a strategy for war against all states and peoples. This strategy is derived from the unstated, underlying imperative that US imperialism exert hegemony over the entire planet, its markets and resources, and that it be prepared to militarily annihilate any rival that stands in its way.

    The document states bluntly that the “character of armed conflict” will be influenced primarily by “shifts in geopolitical landscape caused by competition for power and resources.” For the Army’s top brass, such wars for imperialist domination are a certainty.

    The Army’s strategic aim, according to the document, is to achieve “overmatch,” which it defines as “the application of capabilities or use of tactics in a way that renders an adversary unable to respond effectively.”

    What do these words entail? In the case of a confrontation with another nuclear power, they encompass the implementation of a first-strike doctrine of mass annihilation. In regard to the subjugation and domination of other areas of the globe, they call for massive ground operations to quell popular resistance and enforce military occupation.

    Significantly, after more than a decade of the so-called “global war on terror, “ when countering a supposedly ubiquitous threat from Al Qaeda was the overriding mission of the US military-intelligence apparatus, “transnational terrorist organizations” are rather low on the Army’s list of priorities.

    First and foremost are “competing powers,” a category that includes China, followed by Russia. In the case of China, the document evinces serious concern over Chinese “force modernization efforts,” which it says are aimed at achieving “stability along its periphery,” something that the US military is determined to block. China’s military efforts, it states, “highlight the need for Army forces positioned forward or regionally engaged,” and for “Army forces to project power from land into the air, maritime, space and cyberspace domains.”

    Based on recent events in Ukraine, the document accuses Russia of being “determined to expand its territory and assert its power on the Eurasian landmass,” precisely US imperialism’s own strategic goal. Only a powerful deployment of US ground forces, it argues, can deter Russian “adventurism” and “project national power and exert influence in political conflicts.”

    From there, the paper proceeds to “regional powers,” in the first instance, Iran. It also accuses Iran of “pursuing comprehensive military modernization” and argues that “Taken collectively, Iranian activity has the potential to undermine US regional goals,” i.e., undisputed hegemony over the Middle East and its energy resources. Iran’s activities, it concludes, “highlight the need for Army forces to remain effective against the fielded forces of nation states as well as networked guerrilla or insurgent organizations.”

    The document does not limit the “vision” of future military operations to war abroad, but includes the need to “respond and mitigate crises in the homeland,” which it describes as “a unique theater of operations for the Joint Force and the Army.” The Army’s mission within the US, it asserts, includes “defense support of civil authorities.”

    The AOC document is stark testimony to a military run amuck. Involved in these strategic conceptions are advanced preparations for fighting a Third World War, combined with the institution within the US itself of a military dictatorship in all but name.

    Gen. Odierno’s complaints about troop strength will not be satisfied by any minor congressional adjustments of the Pentagon budget. The kind of warfare that the Army is contemplating cannot be waged outside of a massive military mobilization by means of universal conscription—the return of the draft.

    The founders of the United States repeatedly expressed grave distrust of a standing army. The military as it presently exists and its plan for global warfare represent a hideous modern-day realization of their nightmare scenario. The implementation of this doctrine of total war is wholly incompatible with democratic rights and constitutional government within the US. It requires the ruthless suppression of any political opposition and all social struggles mounted by the American working class.

    Within the US ruling establishment and its two political parties, there exists no serious opposition to carrying the militarization of life within the so-called “homeland” to its ultimate conclusion. Civilian control of the military has been turned into a dead letter, with politicians routinely bowing to the generals on matters of policy, both foreign and domestic.

    October 17, 2014


    Updates :

    Hi everyone, just letting you know that I will not be able to post news articles on this page every day, but I will be adding as many survival tips as possible as well as a few other things on our Forums page, so be sure to check the Forums and Blog page as often as possible. I may even post tips within other posts, so check them often for any updates done to them.

    Like today for example, I have posted several links on how to make several survival items at a low cost that can be obtained from your local stores.

    I will attempt to post some more news here later today, so keep checking the site or watch for an email from us letting you know that the website is ready for viewing.

    October 17, 2014

                                                                                              The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    I will be posting more news here and survival tips and videos on the Forums page throughout the day, so check back often for more updates and possibly news or video links from other members!


    News for October 15, 2014

    Fall Break for School

    Well folks I completely forgot that my kids are out for school fall break and found my youngest on my computer this morning and had to wait my turn, lol. I will post some news later tonight after work and possibly some links to videos or may add some survival tips.

    I did manage to add one of my own "How To..." instructions in our Forums in the Survival Tips section and you can thank Vincent for having me do this as he reminded me last night about doing so.

    Unfortunately I do not have time to do much more at the moment due to leaving for work and the kids arguing over who gets to use my computer next, lol, so I will leave it to you for now. Feel free to add your own news or tips in our Forums and Blog page.

    And most importantly, don't forget to send out those invites and tell your friends and family to join and get informed as well as learn more about survival. Time is ticking away folks and we do not have much time before martial law is put into place, so join our website now and help us get more people to be able to notice our site and help us be able to add more pages with even more information!

    October 15, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    News For October 14, 2014


    Sorry for the delay in getting back online folks, lost the internet for a little while, then my battery for my laptop decided to stop working and couldn't even be read by the computer, will not even charge now. But I can still run off of the power cord and get things going again.

    We still need to get more people on our new website in order to be found on more search engines and to allow me to add more pages which is highly important at this time. So please tell anyone, friends, family, neighbors or even the guy or girl who bags your groceries about our website. The more people we can get, the better chances we have and getting this message out and maybe even help save some lives while we are at it!

    I still have to add a page with details of your Bugout Bag (B.O.B.) and a maps page which I will be detailing the current Ebola outbreak in the USA (can add other countries upon request) as well as a map of the entrovirus that is spreading across the USA and requested maps of areas that will be hit with a nuke when the controlled nuclear war hits. Now you may be asking why I will be adding the maps of the two diseases to this site........ simple, I have learned that these two viruses are linked to the coming martial law and the controlled nuclear war and keeping an eye on the spread of both viruses will give us a better clue as to how soon martial law will be put into effect. We will update on this further in another article later. But if you want to see those pages on our website, then hurry up and send out those invitations for our website as soon as possible! We need somewhere between 15 and 20 members to get the slight upgrade!

    Don't forget to keep an eye on our forums and blog page for other news from our members and myself which may include more awesome video links to survival tips and "How to..." videos.

    October 14, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    The ebola outbreak in the USA and the coming Vaccines.

    As many of you may know, the ebola outbreak has begun in the USA, however... you may not know that the newest version of ebola has a PATENT on it, yep... you got it! It was created in government labs. Think about it folks. The virus just happened to land almost right in the "center" of the USA in one of the most visited cities... Dallas, Texas. It would have been to suspicious if it had arrived in a slightly more northern state such as Kansas. So they chose someone heading for Dallas, gave him the virus and the rest is history.

    Dallas is a fairly busy area with people coming and going on a daily basis, so why not start it there? That way the virus can spread in various directions more easily and with the borders wide open allowing anyone to cross either way can help the virus spread to other countries and states without any problems and with the virus being able to hide in it's host for 21 days without showing any signs of symptoms, it can spread more silently as well.

    So.... can't wait for that vaccine to be made and get it so you don't get the ebola virus, right? WRONG!!! BAD IDEA! A few years ago, there was a female head of state that went to the hospital for some reason and while she was still under the medication she just happened to mention to the doctor that it was almost time for the Great Culling. When the doctor asked her what she meant, the female head of state (of whom was not named at that time) said that there was going to be a major outbreak of a deadly disease in the USA and that several would die and that there would be a vaccine brought out and many people will take the vaccine which would kill them within a short period of time.

    So in my opinion, STAY AWAY FROM THE VACCINE!

    October 14, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    The Governing Stones of Georgia

    Also known as The Georgia Guidestones, these stones erected as a modern day Stonehenge bare a sort of 10 commandments for the "Elite" and the creator is unknown. The very first "commandment" however, is the most disturbing. It reads as follows :

    "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

    Under five hundred million. Think about that for a moment folks..... there are about seven BILLION people on the Earth currently which means they have to "exterminate" six and a half billion people in some way or ways.

    Well here in the good old USA, we have the entrovirus in about 46 states which is killing off children that received a specific "vaccine". Now we have the ebola virus that is beginning to spread, slowly for now, but will steadily increase over the next month or so.

    What many of you do not know is that there are a few (not many at the moment) of the elite who are "bugging out" right now. Some are heading for the underground bunker communities that they have while others are heading further south to the Antarctic. A bit early, but is enough to give us the warning bell that it has started.

    My best advice is to stay away from all vaccines and keep prepping for the big event still to come. Once the ebola has spread to enough states here in the USA, the will put martial law in place, but before that happens, we need to be completely ready and try to relocate to a safer area. I would like to get as many as possible into a group where we can start our own community. If anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know in the forums section under "join the community" or make sure you are signed in and click on your name to see your profile, then click on "all members", then click on my profile and finally, click on send message to send me a private message about it. If we can get enough people to help out, then we can get things started faster and relocate to our own safe zone community before the martial law gets put in place. We can work together for our own survival and prepare for the coming controlled nuclear war and once it is over, we shall rise and make this world a much better place for our children and their children and so on.

    Now don't get me wrong,.... this will not be a cult! Not a community ran by one person alone. We shall elect our own counsel members to help make decisions of what needs to be done. All who join our community before relocation can put their names in for consideration to be put into the counsel. United, we will be as the phoenix! And as our moto says..... As the phoenix shall rise from the ashes, so shall we!

    October 14, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    Just A Reminder...

    Anyone who is a member can post a news event link in the forums or on the blog page. Remember to include the title of the event, the date of when it was published, the website that the information comes from and of course the link to the web page.

     To post the link, just go to the news page that you wish to share and right click on the address bar at the top left of your screen, click "copy", then go back to our forums or blog page and right click in the area where you are posting and click "paste". Your done. Click the submit button at the bottom to post your news event or other information.

    October 14, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    The Kill Shot

    Just a quick note about another possible event if the new Orion spacecraft built by the USA happens before the controlled nuclear war. A remote viewer named Ed Dames claims that there will be a major solar flare that will erupt from the sun that will hit the Earth and actually slip through the protective ozone and scorch the Earth directly. He says that this will occur after the final event in which a new space shuttle created by the USA will be destroyed possibly by a meteor shower. The event of the solar flare has been dubbed as "The Kill Shot". Those who survive it will be living as they did in the stone age. No electricity, food and water will be scarce and survival alone will be tough enough.

    Anyone who wishes to learn more about the coming Kill Shot, can click on the link below to see a video or do your own research by typing The Kill Shot in your search bar on your home page.

    Oh,..... you're welcome Fuzman! Lol.

                                                 click here -----> The Kill Shot

    October 14, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    Well folks, that's all the time I have for the articles today. I will try to add some links to some survival and How To... videos later tonight after work, so feel free to check back often.

    Don't forget to send out those invitations for our website and tell everyone that you can! Don't worry about the evidence of what I am providing, all you have to do is look around and see much of it happening already!

    I go day after day being called crazy, a crackpot, nuts, doomsday sayer, etc., but then so did Noah just before the Great Flood. Are you ready for the next big disaster? There is a different kind of flood coming folks, a flood of fire and death! And so I'm asking you now,...... will you come aboard my "Ark"?  Feel free to bring your friends and family or even the guy or girl that bags your groceries. All are welcome. Don't wait until it's to late, you can practically feel it coming now! So one more time...... "Will you come aboard my Ark?"

    October 14, 2014

    The Victorious Phoenix / Joe Public


    News For October 2, 2014

    The Plan to Kill the Internet Uncovered.

    10 ways web freedom is being butchered worldwide.

    by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | May 20, 2014

    The Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool of individual freedom since the Gutenberg’s press, affording billions of people worldwide not only the tool of instant communication, but access to a wealth of liberating information, freedom from the chains of received consensus, and the opportunity to become their own media platform.

    This represents an ever increasing threat to the status quo of the elite, which is why the establishment is working feverishly to dismantle the freedom granted by the world wide web in its current form.

    1) The Death of Net Neutrality

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently gave the green light for large Internet Service Providers to create a two-tier Internet system which would allow large corporations to buy up dedicated faster bandwidth, ending net neutrality and potentially leaving smaller websites in the dust.

    If passed this will allow the “televization” of the Internet, resulting in large companies forming monopolies and restricting consumer choice.

    “[S]maller companies that can’t afford to pay for faster delivery would likely face additional obstacles against bigger rivals. And consumers could see a trickle-down effect of higher prices as Web sites try to pass along new costs of doing business with Internet service providers,”reports the Washington Post.

    For almost a decade, we have warned of plans to create an ‘Internet 2′ under which the old Internet would be left to crumble and die, eviscerating the world wide web as a tool of free speech that allows independent voices to be heard amongst the cacophony of corporate and statist propaganda.

    2) Intelligence Agencies are Manipulating the Internet With Deliberate Disinformation

    Documents recently released by whistleblower Edward Snowden confirm that western intelligence agencies are deliberately flooding the web with disinformation in order to, “inject all sorts of false material onto the internet in order to destroy the reputation of its targets.”

    These techniques are intended to “control, infiltrate, manipulate, and warp online discourse,” which has the effect of, “compromising the integrity of the internet itself,” according to journalist Glenn Greenwald.

    3) Governments are Paying Trolls to Sway Public Opinion

    In 2010, Canada’s CTV News reported on how federal authorities were paying companies to “correct misinformation” on web forums.

    The Turkish, Israeli and Chinese governments along with a host of others have also implemented similar programs, while the U.S. Air Force hired data security firm HBGary to create large numbers of fake social media profiles that could be used to spread propaganda while countering anti-U.S. rhetoric online. Raw Story reported that the obvious function of the program was to “manipulate public opinion on key information, such as news reports,” thereby creating, “the illusion of consensus.”

    4) Mainstream News Websites are Killing Comment Sections

    Although this remains a relatively rare phenomenon, increasing numbers of mainstream news websites are killing or severely restricting comment sections in order to drown out dissident voices that challenge the prevailing status quo.

    Studies confirm that article comment sections – for better or worse – are heavily swaying public opinion. Popular Science recently announced its decision to kill comment sections on their website in order to silence global warming skeptics. is following a similar track. The New York Times also recently indicated that it is scaling back comments and removing them from some articles altogether.

    The effort to kill comments is part of the establishment media’s desperate effort to dictate reality and maintain a grip on manufacturing consensus in the face of a burgeoning independent media and the Internet as a vehicle of free speech in general.

    5) The Obama Administration’s “Cognitive Infiltration” of the Internet

    In 2010, a White House program was revealed that centered around infiltrating conspiracy groups in order to undermine them via postings on chat rooms and social networks. Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, spearheaded this “cognitive infiltration” of the web and has been heralding its success ever since.

    Sunstein pointed out that simply having people in government refute conspiracy theories wouldn’t work because they are inherently untrustworthy, making it necessary to, “Enlist nongovernmental officials in the effort to rebut the theories.”

    Sunstein suggested that “government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action.”

    6) False Flag Cybersecurity Attacks as a Pretext to Increase Web Regulation

    While constantly repeating the necessity for restrictive cybersecurity regulations to be applied to the Internet in the name of preventing cyber attacks, the United States has itself been behind all the recent major cyber attacks.

    After Alex Jones pointed the finger at Washington and Tel Aviv for being behind Stuxnet during a September 27, 2010 broadcast, the likes of CNN, the Economist and others followed up by ridiculing the claim as a baseless conspiracy theory. Months later in January 2011, the New York Times reported, “US and Israeli intelligence services collaborated to develop a destructive computer worm to sabotage Iran’s efforts to make a nuclear bomb,” acknowledging the “conspiracy theory” to be true.

    As the Washington Post reported, the United States and Israel were also responsible for jointly developing the Flame virus.

    Stuxnet’s appearance was dovetailed by an aggressive PR campaign during which Joe Lieberman and others called for the government to be allowed to, “disconnect parts of its Internet in case of war,” just as China did. What Lieberman failed to mention is the fact that China’s Internet censorship program was and continues to be based around crushing dissent against the state and has nothing to do with cybersecurity.

    7) Fairness Doctrine for the Internet

    While working to end net neutrality, the Federal Communications Commission is also serving to facilitate the implementation of something akin to the Fairness Doctrine for the Internet.

    According to Tim Cavanaugh, under a plan entitled “Multi-Market Study of Critical Information Needs, “The airwaves regulator would subject news producers in all media to invasive questioning about their work and content,” a move which could lead to policing of political content on the web.

    Although the study was widely derided in the media and now appears to have been derailed, the fact that the FCC is pursuing such programs illustrates the feds’ contempt for free speech on the Internet.

    8) Homeland Security’s Internet Kill Switch

    While fears of a government kill switch for the Internet have been mooted for years, under Standard Operating Procedure 303 or SOP 303, the Department of Homeland Security has given itself the power to oversee “the termination of private wireless network connections, both within a localized area, such as a tunnel or bridge, and within an entire metropolitan area,” in the event of a declared emergency.

    When privacy rights group the Electronic Privacy Information Center attempted to obtain more information on the plan last year, the DHS claimed that it could not locate any further details regarding the program.

    The White House also still claims that it retains Internet kill switch powers under the law that created the Federal Communications Commission in 1934. This law states that if a “state of public peril or disaster or other national emergency” exists, the president may “authorize the use or control of any…station or device.”

    9) New Taxes and Regulations Set to Stifle Communication & Sales on the Web

    A blizzard of new taxes and regulations could herald “Internet freedom’s expiration date,” according to a recent Wall Street Journal piece which points to efforts by lawmakers to weaken the Internet Tax Freedom Act in order, “to punish all American consumers with new taxes on communication.”

    Lobbyists for giant retailers are leaning on Congress to empower some 9,600 state and local governments with more authority over e-commerce, including a potential e-mail tax which could dissuade millions of Americans from communicating online.

    10) SOPA, CISPA & The FBI’s Internet Backdoor

    Legislative assaults under the banner of SOPA and CISPA, which were advanced in the name of stopping online copyright theft, yet were soundly defeated when it emerged they were actually designed to impose oppressive censorship and surveillance on the Internet, will continue to be advanced by those who seek to centralize power over the web into fewer and fewer hands at the top of the pyramid.

    In addition, the FBI’s attempt to amend the 1994 Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act in order to build backdoors into all Internet Service Providers, email clients and social media sites, is another effort to chill free speech by indoctrinating people with the notion that everything they do online is being permanently watched and recorded, making them less likely to express their freedoms due to fears of official oppression.


    The ultimate endgame for the bid to kill the Internet as we know it undoubtedly revolves around a plan to create a universal Internet ID system, recently introduced by the White House, which will eventually be transformed into a de facto license to use the world wide web. This would empower the state to strip anyone who misbehaves of the ‘privilege’ of using the Internet and thereby institute government permission to access the web.

    Only by aggressively opposing these onerous threats to the freedom of the Internet can we hope to preserve the world wide web in its current incarnation and continue to see informed and empowered people the world over embrace it as the tool of individual liberation it has truly become.


    Russian FM issues blistering attack on US, NATO

    By STEVEN R. HURST September 27, 2014 5:01 PM

    UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Russian foreign minister issued a blistering attack on the West and NATO on Saturday, accusing them of being unable to change their Cold War "genetic code" and saying the United States must abandon its claims to "eternal uniqueness."

    Sergey Lavrov's assault appeared to be an extension of the increasingly anti-Western stance of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is riding a wave of popularity at home with his neo-nationalist rhetoric and policies.

    Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly, Lavrov said the crisis in Ukraine was the result of a coup d'etat in that country backed by the United States and the European Union for the purpose of pulling Kiev out of its "organic role as a binding link" between East and West, denying it the opportunity for "neutral and non-bloc status."

    Lavrov also said the Russian annexation of Crimea earlier this year was the choice of the largely Russian-speaking population there. Former Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev transferred control over the strategic Black Sea region to Ukraine from Moscow in the 1950s.

    While the rhetoric was tough, Andrew Weiss, a top Russia expert at the Carnegie Foundation, said the Lavrov speech "hewed closely to themes the Russians have put forward throughout the Ukraine crisis."

    Immediately before Lavrov spoke, the German foreign minister said Russia's actions to retake Crimea were a crime.

    "Russia has, with its annexation of Crimea, unilaterally changed existing borders in Europe and thus broke international law," Frank-Walter Steinmeier said in his address to the world body. He spent considerable time speaking about what the West sees as Russian meddling in Ukraine, a nation on the verge of bankruptcy after a series of corrupt post-independence regimes.

    Lavrov made no mention of Western allegations that Russia has sent troops and heavy weapons into eastern Ukraine in support of pro-Russian rebels there who have taken over a number of key industrial cities after the ouster of former pro-Russian President Viktor Yanukovich. His departure followed months of demonstrations against his corrupt rule.

    Russia routinely denies its forces are involved.

    Lavrov rejected that Western economic sanctions would cause Russia to reverse course on the issue of Ukraine.

    "Attempts to put pressure on Russia and to compel it to abandon its values, truth and justice have no prospects whatsoever," Lavrov said.

    The regime has been using the sanctions in a propaganda drive to build support at home, creating anger against the U.S. and Europe as a distraction from the pain that Russia's citizens absorb from the punitive measures.

    The Kremlin's growing anger with the United States and Western Europe springs from long-standing and bitter complaints over the past two decades about NATO expansion into former Soviet satellite nations in Eastern Europe and some Baltic nations, once Soviet republics. Lavrov insisted Russia was promised, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, that the expansion would not occur.

    There now is a cease-fire, though routinely violated, in eastern Ukraine. Lavrov and other Russian officials now say they believe a settlement is possible, given the wobbly cease-fire and new Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's decision to delay implementation of the country's economic association agreement with the European Union.

    But, Lavrov said, the Ukraine crisis should be a lesson to Washington and NATO against trying to break "the deep-rooted and fraternal ties between the two peoples" of Russia and Ukraine.

    Yahoo News


    Russia's Lavrov says time has come to upgrade nuclear, conventional arms

    Reuters - September 28, 2014 6:28 AM

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted on Sunday as saying that the time had come for his country to modernize its nuclear and conventional arsenals.

    "I don’t think we are on the verge of a new arms race. At least, Russia definitely won't be part of it. In our case, it's just that the time has come for us to modernize our nuclear and conventional arsenals," Lavrov said, according to a transcript of an interview with Russia Today television published on its website.

    "We have a long-term armament program, which takes into account our economic situation and, of course, the need to have efficient and modern defensive capabilities to protect our national interest ... We haven’t been doing much in this regard for a number of years," he added.

    (Reporting by Gabriela Baczynska; Editing by Andrew Heavens)

    Yahoo News


    U.S. To Launch New Generation Submarines To Counter Threats From The Bulging Fleet of Russia and China

    By Kalyan Kumar | September 27, 2014 11:19 AM EST

    A submarine race is in the making. The U.S. has announced its new generation Ohio class submarines to address new threats from Russia and China. In an insightful assessment, the U.S. Navy expresses its concerns about the rapidly expanding submarine fleet of Russia and China while defending the new submarine push of U.S.A.

    Vice Adm. Michael Connor, the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Submarine Force commander, notes that the fast-paced development of ballistic missile submarine by Russia and China's will require a matching deployment of U.S. submarine fleet, reported Fox News.

    What is worrying the U.S. is Russia's significant nuclear arsenal that it bequeathed from the Soviet days. Thus Russia retains all the nuclear capabilities. They are regrowing those capabilities, and Russia showing aspirations for more territory and influence, reminiscent of the erstwhile Soviet Union.

    Russian Upgrade

    Last week, Russia announced its decision to upgrade its submarine fleet and released photos of the Akula II-class nuclear submarines getting ready for upgrades. Alongside Russia, the U.S. Navy also looks at China's expanding submarine fleet with concern and its advancement towards global strike capabilities.

    China has many ballistic missile submarines, but Connor observed that China is showing a penchant for adding more nuclear ballistic missile submarines. The Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) in its assessment noted that China's navy has evolved from a littoral force to capable force for a wide range of missions with the capability to strike targets hundreds of miles from the Chinese mainland.

    ONI noted that China's plan to include the Jin-class ballistic nuclear submarines was a force multiplier, and the deterrent patrols will start soon. The operational deployment of the Jin SSBN would enhance China's at-sea-second-strike nuclear capability, said the report. According to the report China now possesses 5 Nuclear attack submarines; 4 Nuclear ballistic missile submarines and 53 Diesel attack submarines.

    China's Decade

    The ONI report noted the rapid expansion of Chinese submarines of offensive weapons technology in the past decade. Before that, China had only a few submarines with the capability to fire modern anti-ship cruise missiles. Now, half of China's conventional attack submarines of China are configured with fire anti-ship cruise missiles.

    When the undersea nuclear deterrence started in the 1960s, U.S. was the leader with 41 submarines. Now the U.S. Navy's fleet shrunk to 14 nuclear armed submarines. Conor added that the new scenario will be strategically addressed when the U.S. Navy releases the new-generation Ohio-class, nuclear-armed ballistic missile submarines by 2021. It is also known as the Ohio Replacement programme. In a report, the Market Watch carried the news that the U.S. Navy awarded a million contract to General Dynamics Electric Boat, towards planning the yard work and engineering of its new nuclear submarines.

    International Business Times


    Single EMP Can Shut Down The Entire US!

    By Joe Public October 2, 2014

    If a single EMP missile were to detonate at the correct altitude above the center of Kansas, the entire US would shut down completely. According to studies, it would take from 9 to 12 years to have the US up and running again, starting with the most important cities first. However, Many believe that the US will not recuperate from the total loss of power due to the riots and the eventual collapse of the government.

    An EMP blast at that location alone would be devastating to the US, because many of the people these days have become more dependent on getting there food from grocery stores and water from their taps or bottled water from stores. There aren't as many fathers that take their kids out hunting, fishing, real camping, survival trips and teaching them the things that they should know in order to survive should any major event occur.

    So come on people! Yes, I know, the days are getting colder, but that's even better because you can teach your kids, family, friends, neighbors, etc. how to survive in the winter. There are still some game that you can hunt during this season, you can still go camping and you can teach various skills anytime and anywhere.

    A person without survival skills and knowledge is doomed. If you don't know much about survival, then you may want to go out buy some books, watch videos and learn from someone who does know. Get started now and learn as much as you can and practice what you learn, knowing how to do something and being able to do something are two different things.

    The Victorious Phoenix


    News For October 1, 2014

    Sorry folks, but I was unable to update today due to trying to get the message out to others so we can get more members on here as quickly as possible. We need to get 10 to 20 members in order for our website to be seen by even more people, but we need as many members as possible so I know that our message is getting out to others. Time is ticking away folks and we don't have much time.

    I will be adding more news articles and links to more survival tips and How To.... videos late tonight after work and more in the morning.

    Feel free to check out the articles below, the Forums, Videos and Links pages for more info. You will find some links to survival videos in our Forums page.

    Don't forget to save our site to your favorites or bookmark it or even create a desktop shortcut in order to get to our website quickly. Also, tell as many of your friends, family members and co-workers about our website and tell them to join us to help get the word out about the coming nuclear war!

    Thank you, Stay Safe and Stay Informed!

    Joe Public / The Victorious Phoenix

    October 1, 2014

    News for September 30, 2014


    Hi everyone. As you may know, I have been trying to get this website up and running again and trying to add more to it. So instead of posting some news articles today, I have been searching for some survival tips and "How To..." videos to help you prepare for the big day when the SHTF happens!

    I also added some links to our Links Page for you to check out. They are my main source of information that I will be bringing to you soon. But for now feel free to go to our Forums page and check out all the awesome Survival Tips videos. Don't forget to take notes and make a list of the items you will need to buy.

    I will try to post more video links in our Forums later tonight after work. For those of you who may have my number, feel free to call or text and let me know what you think of the videos. For all other members or visitors, feel free to comment on each of the tips or feel free to request information on another subject as a survival tip or if you may want to know how to make something, just go to the "Ask a Question" section in the Forums and let me know and I will get back to you ASAP with an answer.

    I hope you enjoy the videos and good luck with your trials of them. Remember, practice makes perfect preppers!

    September 30, 2014

    Joe Public / The Victorious Phoenix


    News for September 29, 2014

    NATO's planned Balkan expansion a 'provocation': Russia's Lavrov

    SARAJEVO (Reuters) - NATO's potential expansion to the former Yugoslav republics of Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro could be seen as a "provocation", Russia's foreign minister was quoted as saying in a newspaper interview published on Monday.

    Moscow has opposed any NATO extension to former communist areas of eastern and southeastern Europe, part of a competition for geo-strategic influence since the end of the Cold War that sits at the heart of the current conflict in ex-Soviet Ukraine.

    Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia share an ambition to join the Western military alliance, following in the footsteps of Albania and ex-Yugoslav Croatia, which became members in 2009.

    Asked about the integration of the three into NATO, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Bosnian daily Dnevni Avaz: "With regards to the expansion of NATO, I see it as a mistake, even a provocation in a way.

    "This is, in a way, an irresponsible policy that undermines the determination to build a system of equal and shared security in Europe, equal for everyone regardless of whether a country is a member of this or that bloc."

    Russia has energy interests in the Balkans and historical ties with the Slavs of the region, many of them Orthodox Christian like the Russians. But Moscow's influence has waned as the countries of the former Yugoslavia seek to join the European mainstream with membership of the EU and NATO.

    The tiny Adriatic republic of Montenegro appears closest to NATO accession. Bosnia's bid is hostage to ethnic bickering that has slowed reforms, while Macedonia remains blocked by a long-running dispute with neighboring Greece over the name of the landlocked country.

    Only Serbia, perhaps Russia's closest ally in the region, is not actively pursuing membership of NATO given political sensitivities lingering since the alliance's 1999 air war against then-strongman Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic to halt a wave of atrocities against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

    Lavrov confirmed that Russian President Vladimir Putin would visit Serbia in mid-October to mark the 70th anniversary of Belgrade's liberation from Nazi occupation by Yugoslav Partisan fighters and the Soviet army.

    (Reporting by Daria Sito-Sucic; Editing by Matt Robinson/Mark Heinrich)

    September 29, 2014


    Russia warns Ukraine, EU over free-trade pact

    MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russia issued a new warning on Monday that it would retaliate if the European Union or Ukraine push ahead with moves to implement a free-trade agreement.

    Kiev and Brussels agreed this month to delay implementation of the agreement until Dec. 31, 2015 after Russia threatened to impose import tariffs on Ukrainian goods if it went ahead.

    Russia says its economy would be hurt by the free trade deal because it would allow Ukraine to export cheaper European goods to Russia, undercutting local products.

    RIA news agency quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying Russia was "ready to take measures in response if (implementation of the agreement) is carried out in violation of previously reached agreements."

    He gave no details any possible measures.

    Russia and the European Union are at loggerheads over Ukraine, where a Moscow-backed president was ousted in February following street protests, three months after he suspended the same pact and said he would boost ties with Russia instead.

    Russia annexed the Ukrainian territory of Crimea after his replacement by a pro-European government in Kiev, and the West accuses Moscow of supporting pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine's east with weapons and troops. Moscow denies doing so.

    The EU hopes that delaying the free-trade pact will give it time to assuage Russian concerns about it. Russia has said it wants three-way negotiations on amending the accord.

    (Reporting by Thomas Grove)

    September 29, 2014


    Vladimir Putin talks nuclear power as he tells the West to back off over Ukraine

    A WEEK ago the prospect of nuclear war was a dim memory. Now, Russian President Vladmir Putin has put the nightmare firmly back on the agenda in a thinly veiled threat to the west to “back off” over Ukraine.

    This morning, Prime Minister Tony Abbott labelled Russia’s escalating and “open” invasion into Ukraine as “war”.

    But he was not only person using fighting words. At a youth forum on Friday, Vladimir Putin’s nuclear threat was simple.

    “I want to remind you that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear nations. This is a reality, not just words.”

    It’s the first time in more than 25 years that Moscow has raised the spectre of nuclear war. The difference this time is that its tanks are already pouring over its western borders.

    “A great war arrived at our doorstep, the likes of which Europe has not seen since World War II,” Ukraine’s Defence Minister Valeriy Geletey wrote on Facebook overnight, warning of “tens of thousands of deaths”.

    Putin appears to agree.

    Italian newspaper La Repubblica reports Putin has told the outgoing European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso: “If I want, I take Kiev in two weeks.”

    NATO is taking the war of words seriously: This week it will discuss the creation of a “rapid response” military force tasked with being ready to instantly respond to any invasion of any member state.

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    September 29, 2014


    WW3 A United States Conspiracy? Ukraine’s Nuclear Weapons Alleged To Be An American Plot.

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    September 29, 2014