The Victorious Phoenix

  Just as the Phoenix shall rise from the ashes...
                           So shall we!!


LAST UPDATED ON : November 18, 2014

This website was created for the dedication of true preppers who wish to survive a major disaster. We are a Tennessee group looking to expand into larger numbers in order to form a community for survival. Now even though we are based in Tennessee, we are looking for others from other states who may wish to relocate to a safer area.

Before you start thinking if this is some scam website out to take your hard earned money, let me reassure you that this is definitely not the case. Also, some of you may be thinking that we are a cult of crazies on a death mission just before a major disaster strikes. Well once again, that is not the case here. We are a group of "SURVIVALISTS" that want to live and make something better for ourselves and those around us. Once you have looked over our website, viewed the news articles, videos and other comments and had a good look at our new website, you can decide for yourself if this site and our plan is right for you.

Now some of you may be worried about security issues of this website and I will give you a few tips on your profile for when you join.

1. Never use your real name in your profile or elsewhere on this site unless I ask you personally through a private message.

2. Never give your true location. If you live say in Florida, type in Southeast USA, if you live in New York, type in Northeast USA, if you live in Kansas, type in central USA, etc. If you receive a private message from me asking your location, then you can provide it if you choose to do so.

3. Never use a real photo of yourself for this website. Instead, choose a photo of something from the internet to use as your profile photo. (NO NUDITY!)

4. Never use your true age on this website.

5. Never give anyone any personal information about yourself or your family on this website unless I personally send you a private message asking for the information.

If you still have doubts, please continue to view the rest of our website and decide then. We hope to have as many as possible for our community and unfortunately.... we don't have much time.

JOIN NOW and lets get things rolling to ensure our survival of the man-made disaster that is closing in on us all to quickly!

Its time to stand up, get ready, get things done and prepare to start a whole new world and a whole new life. For the survivors left who will not be executed, we will be forced to live the way they want us to live. Don't let this happen, Stand up and fight for your right to survive the way it has always meant to be!